Summer Planning Committee (INACTIVE)


Committee meets minimum once a year to coordinate program planning, facility utilization, campus renovation, new projects under construction etc., and resolve any conflicts to facilitate a smooth running summer project/program implementation.




Attendees 2012
FPM - Campus Facilities Planner

McCullough, Tami J. (chair)


Continuing Ed Services - Camps & Conferences - Dir. Field, Eric


Continuing Education Services -

Chynowyth, Tracy

Facilities Planning and
Management - Director

Swanson, Greg


First Year Experience

Guram, Adrianna


Parking Services - Director

Brecklin, Bob

Recreation Sports - Director

Harms, Gary


Residence Life - Director

Bartlett, Frank

Student Affairs / Auxiliary Services - VC Rios, Tom

UC Dining Services

Hinspater, Tom

UC/Auxiliary Services - Director

Barry, Bob




Attendees 2012
Academic Affairs - VC

Arnold, Jeff

Admissions - Director

Blahnik, Jeff

Athletics - Director

Plinski, Paul

City of Whitewater

City Planner/Engineer

FPM - Bldg Maintenance (east campus)

Soliz, Dave

FPM - Bldg Maintenance (west campus) Barnes, Steve

FPM - Construction

Kramer, Ken

FPM - Engineering

Dorgan, Dave

FPM - Grounds

Bertagnolli, Steve

FPM - Heating Plant

Floyd, Dave

FPM - Planning Support

Jankowski, Pat

FPM - Planning Support

Stradinger, Ruth


Bothun, Ken

Library Services - Director

McCallister, Myrna

Parking Services

Teuteberg, Sherry

Police Services

Kiederlen, Matt (Chief)

Recreation Sports

Kennedy, Therese

Residence Life - Asst. Director

Skelton, Dave

Residence Life - Project Manager

Kaster, Mary

Residence Life - Summer Camps

Hoesly, Alan

Student Affairs / Auxiliary
Services - AVC

Bilodeau, Brent

UC/Auxiliary Services -

Geyer, Pete

Mike O'Conner

UC/Auxiliary Services -

Goytowski, Alan




Attendees 2012

College of Arts & Communication - Dean

 McPhail, Mark

College of Business & Economics - Dean

 Clements, Christine

College of Education & Professional Studies - Dean

 Heyning, Katy

College of Letters & Sciences - Dean

 Pinkerton, Mary

School of Graduate Studies &
Cont. Ed - Dean

 Stone, John

Sally Lange

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