University Facility Use Advisory Committee


The University Facility Use Advisory Committee is advisory to the Chancellor and is chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs. It has the responsibility for reviewing and approving facility use charge rate schedules. If there are multiple requests for the same facility, which cannot be resolved by the facility scheduler and the Camps/Conferences Coordinating Committee, the UFUAC will review the requests and make a recommendation to the Chancellor. The UFUAC will meet each spring to address long-term commitments. Meetings to resolve scheduling conflicts will occur on an as-needed basis. This advisory committee will consider all pertinent issues from a university- wide perspective, and will seek the assistance of the Camps/Conferences Coordinating Committee in evaluating administrative solutions.


  • Building Supervisors/Representatives/Schedulers
  • Representative Facilities Planning and Management
  • Representative Budget and Finance
  • Representative Reservations
  • Facility User from Continuing Education
  • Representative University Police Services
  • Representative Visitor and Parking Services
  • Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
  • Representative University Center/Dining Service




Building Supervisor


Building Supervisor

 Craggs, Jay

Building Supervisor

 Harms, Gary

Building Supervisor

 Heyning, Katy

Building Supervisor

 McCallister, Myrna

Building Supervisor

 Mertens, Robert

Building Supervisor

 Miller, Laurie

Building Supervisor

 Nees, David

Building Supervisor Representative

 Chenoweth, John

Facilities Planning and Management

 Swanson, Greg

Facility User/Cont Ed/Camps/Conferences

 Chynoweth, Tracy

Financial Services

 Buske, Vonnie


 Krause, Ann

L & S Facilities

 Pinkerton, Mary

Police & Security Services

 Kiederlen, Matt


 Hoesly, Alan


 Rufener, Tamela


 Pokot, Elena

University Center/Dining Services

 Barry, Bob

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

 Arnold, Jeff

Last revision 8/21/2013