Diversity Committee


To promote better diversity in curricular content and process. To review and develop proposals for changes in policies on diversity issues affecting curricular matters.

To recommend diversity-related change proposals to the committees involved in curricular approval process, including General Education Review Committee,
University Curriculum Committee, Graduate Council, and, Race and Ethnic Cultures Advisory Committee.

To collaborate with other committees and entities for making progress on diversity issues.

To review course proposals seeking Diversity Credit and to make recommendations to the University Curriculum Committee concerning course proposals seeking
Diversity Credit.

To take a leadership role in fostering a range of diversity-related experiences on campus.


One faculty member elected by and from each of the five constituencies: Education, Letters and Sciences, and the Other Constituency (these are elected in even years); and Business and Economics, and Arts and Communication (these are elected in odd years). Two faculty members elected (one in even years, and the other, in odd years) by and from the faculties of humanities and social sciences, i.e. from:

  • The departments of:  Languages and Literatures, Geography, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and, Women Studies and Anthropology; and,
  • The areas of: Race/Ethnic Cultures, International Studies, and, Public Policy and Administration. (These areas are cited even though the faculties are often drawn from the aforementioned departments).

One faculty member elected by and from each of the following committees: General Education Review Committee (elected in odd years), Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (elected in even years), Graduate Council (elected in odd years), and Race and Ethnic Cultures Advisory Committee (elected in even years).


Two year staggered terms, members to be elected as indicated.



Amal Ibrahim (A&C)


Rashiqa Kamal (B&E) (Chair)


Chandra Waring (Hum & Soc Sci)


Nomsa Gwalla-Ogisi (EDU)


Carolyn Morgan (L&S)


Anthony Gulig (Hum & Soc Sci)


James Castrillo (Lib)


Last revision 5/15/2017