Elections Committee


  1. To generate policies and procedures related to the conduct of faculty elections and to report to the Faculty Senate on all such matters.
  2. To accept in nomination for the coming year the name of any faculty member who requests nomination to a faculty committee or whose name is placed in nomination with his consent by a third party, and to nominate candidates with their consent for each committee position for which there are not at least two nominees.
  3. To conduct, supervise and adjudicate elections of all faculty committees and the election of senators to the Faculty Senate.
  4. To report the results of various committee elections to the entire faculty.
  5. In the event of vacancies on faculty elected committees the Elections Committee shall fill such vacancies by appointment. The committee shall consult the results of the most recent election in making their decisions and/or appointments.
  6. Upon request, to secure at-large or constituency nominees from the five constituencies for interim, ad hoc, and permanent committees established by the Administration, Faculty Senate or Faculty, through a constituency elections committee.


One faculty member from each constituency. Education, Letters and Sciences and Other constituency will be elected in even years, Business and Economics and Arts & Communication in odd years.


Two-year staggered terms. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.


In addition to the requirements set forth in Article III, Section 2 of the By-Laws, the primary ballot shall list nominees for the Election Committee according to their rank and constituency. A special consideration is that in the formal election of this committee, the voters shall vote only for candidates of their rank and from their constituency.



Cristina Ballatori (A&C/Library)


Arjan Premti (B&E)


Andrea Ednie (EDU) (Chair)


James Miller (L&S) 2018
Meifang Xiang (At-large, min. 50% non-teaching load)


Last revision 5/15/2017