University Center Board


This committee shall study the services and operations of the University Center, including satellite services of Dining Services, Bookstore/Textbook Rental, and Student Activities, and recommend policies and procedures for the continued improvement of University Center System facilities and services. The board's primary goal shall be the consideration of methods and means whereby the University Center System shall be both supportive and complimentary of the general educational program of the University.

Subcommittees of the University Center Board shall exist. Food Service committees and the Bookstore/Textbook Rental Advisory Committee, and the Remodeling and Space Committee, shall be permanent subcommittees of the University Center Board. Ad Hoc subcommittees may be constituted as deemed necessary by the University Center Board.

The constituency of the University Center Board is:

  1. Seven students, one from each of the following constituencies:
    1. Residence Hall Association
    2. Campus Entertainment Network (CenterNET)
    3. Inter-Greek Council
    4. Association of Returning Students
    5. Whitewater Student Government
    6. Minority Student Organizations (appointed by the Office of Student Activities)
    7. Students for an Accessible Society.
  2. Two faculty members appointed by Office of the Chancellor (two years alternating terms).
  3. Two academic staff members appointed by the Office of the Chancellor.
  4. Director of the University Center, ex-officio, non-voting.

The chairperson of the University Center Board is annually elected by a majority vote of the University Board.

Permanent subcommittees of the University Center Board are:

  1. Bookstore/Textbook Rental Advisory Committee
  2. Food Service Advisory Committee(s)
  3. Remodeling and Space Committee

The current constituencies of the committees#1-3 are as follows:

Bookstore/Textbook Rental Advisory Committee

  1. Four faculty members, one from each undergraduate college of the University.
  2. One faculty member appointed by the Graduate Council.
  3. Four students, one from each undergraduate college
  4. University Center Associate Director/Bookstore Services, ex officio

 MEMBERS 1999-2000

Peggy Anderson (Faculty) 2003 Jay Matusin (WSG Presidential Diversity Appointment)
Marvin Free (Faculty) 2000

Elizabeth Hepp (WSG)

Patricia Freer (ex-officio)

Andy Greiner (WSG)

Julie Yeater (Academic Staff) 2000

Erika Sorensen (WSG)

Mark Stone (Academic Staff) 2001

Heather Reichardt (Greek Council)

Andy Greiner (RHA)

Shawna Vanden Huevel (CenterNET)

Ashvini Kandasamy (UC Student Employee)

Luan Hanewall (ARC)

NOTE: 2001-2002 Membership will be updated in the Fall 2001.

Last revision 8/8/2001