Undergraduate Research Council

      Undergraduate Research Council

      Undergraduate Research Council

      You may wish to contact a member of the Undergraduate Research Council. The members of the committee are:

      Arts and Communication:
      Jim Butchart (Theatre and Dance) Spring 2015
      Teresa Faris (Art and Design) Spring 2016
      Matt Sintchak (Music) Spring 2017
      Sharri VanAlstine (Music) Spring 2017

      Business and Economics:
      Yamin Ahmad (Economics) Spring 2016
      Andrew Ciganek (IT Supply Chain Management) Spring 2017
      David Welsch (Economics) Spring 2017
      Carol Scovotti (Marketing) Spring 2018

      Education and Professional Studies:
      Lucinda Heimer (Curriculum and Instruction) Spring 2016
      Alena Holmes (Music) Spring 2015 
      Brandi Niemeier (HPERC) Spirng 2017

      Undergraduate Research Program:
      Juk Bhattacharyya
      Catherine Chan
      Simone Devore 

      Letters and Sciences:
      Donald Jellerson (Languages and Literatures) Spring 2017
      Kirsten Crossgrove (Biological Sciences) Spring 2018
      Meg Waraczynski (Psychology) Spring 2016

      McNair Scholars Program:
      Richard McGregory

      URP Council Associates:
      Steve Anderson (Chemistry)
      Anna Courtier (Science Outreach Coordinator)
      Kirsten Crossgrove (Biological Sciences)
      Kris Curran (Biological Sciences)
      Denise Ehlen (CoBE Outreach)
      Bob Greene (Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology)
      Nick Guo (Economics)
      Amanda Howell (University Library)
      Seth Meisel (Continuing Education)
      Giuliana Miolo (Communication Science and Disorders)
      Leda Nath (Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology)
      Jalal Nawash (Physics)
      Hien Nguyen (Computer Science)
      Samantha Samreth (Management)
      Tiffany Tardy (Residence Life)
      Laurie Taylor (Research and Sponsored Programs)
      Akiko Yoshida (Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology)


      Undergraduate Research Program
      University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
      800 W. Main Street
      2115 Andersen Library
      Whitewater, WI 53190
      (262) 472-1296


      Professor Catherine Chan
      Director of Undergraduate Research
      (262) 472-1296

      UWW URP Student Org