Applying for a Research Grant

      Applying for a Research Grant

      Eligibility for UW-Whitewater URP Research Grants

      The deadline for Fall Grant Proposals: TBD Fall 2015; Spring Grant Proposals: TBD Spring 2016.  Applicants should first read the information below, and the link to submit an application can be found at the bottom of this page.

      Applicants may only apply to one Undergraduate Research Grant/SURF Grant per Academic Year.

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      Applicants must:

      • Be of sophomore status or greater as of Fall 2016.
      • Have a UW-W cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher at the time of application. (Exemptions to the minimum GPA requirement may be granted upon URP approval and mentor support.  The mentor's letter of support must address the rationale for the exemption request).
      • Have the project endorsed by a faculty/staff member. All tenure-track, tenured faculty or academic staff members (instructional and non-instructional) holding at least a 50% appointment are eligible. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis for faculty and academic staff with appointments less than 50% with three years or more of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater service. 
      • Be an enrolled full-time student during an undergraduate program for the completion of a project.

      Guidelines For Grant Use

      • Student investigator receives no salary/wages from the project.  Books (no more than $100.00 per grant; special justification such as specific titles not available from the library or Interlibrary Loan system needed for larger requests), software, small equipment, and other materials purchased with grant funds belong to the University.  Funds must be expended following regular University guidelines and within University's fiscal year.
      • Funds may be used for dissemination of project results including conference presentation and publication.  See FAQ page for more information.
      • Use of human subjects or animals in the research must receive approval by the appropriate University committee.  See FAQ page for more information.
      • Projects which run beyond or span academic years require special justification.


      • All students whose projects are funded (including those with multiple authors) are expected to submit an abstract to and present their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or the University of Wisconsin Symposium on Research and Creative Activities.  Students may be held financially responsible for costs incurred as a result of a cancellation of a conference presentation.
      • All students whose projects are funded are expected to present their results at the annual UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day Program.
      • Funded students will be asked to fill out a brief web survey.
      • Failure to satisfy these expectations, without satisfactory explanation, will result in ineligibility for undergraduate research funding (for either the student or mentor or both for one year if warranted).

      Review Criteria

      • Project description is clearly written by the student in her/his own words, well designed and cost-effective.
      • Project is realistic for the student's background, the time frame, and the amount of funding.
      • Faculty supervisors supports the project and has an appropriate background for supervising the project.  Faculty may supervise up to three projects per year.
      • Project is likely to result in a paper, creative performance, visual art object, or academic project that can be presented to a professional/peer audience and/or published in a scholarly publication.
      • The outlined actions are logically connected to research goals, objectives, and outcomes.

      Sample/Model Proposal: Download an example of a successful proposal. (Some information omitted for privacy)

      Proposal format (submit via online)

      The student applicant will be responsible for the complete proposal package which will include the following :

      1.    The UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Grant Cover Page - Group Proposals (proposals with multiple student investigators and/or multiple mentors) are allowed, but budget constraints will not change.

      2.    A proposal up to 1,000 words (equivalent to a document that is approximately three pages in length, typed, and double spaced).  The proposal will include the following sections:

      • A statement of goals and objectives for the project with a clear research question appropriate for the discipline.
      • An outline of the method or design for carrying out the project including participants, data collection, and analysis procedures (should be the largest section of the proposal).
      • A statement of anticipated significance of results (i.e. briefly describe possible outcomes of the project and why they are likely to be of interest).
      • A brief explanation of the student's preparedness to undertake the project.

      3.    A schedule or action plan including step-by-step actions the student plans to take to meet the goals and objectives and results.  Click the following for a template

      4.    A complete itemized budget form with an accompanying budget justification on a separate page.  All anticipated supplies should be listed with their estimated costs.  All travel costs need to comply with University travel reimbursement requirements.  (Note that the budget should not exceed the needs of the project, normally up to a maximum of $500/grant or $1000/grant for undergraduate honors thesis research or its equivalent thereof. The thesis or thesis-like project must result in an outcome  that is significantly greater than the outcocmes).  See FAQ page for more information.  Funds over the $500 limit should have an explanation of where the additional funding is coming from, (e.g. mentor's external grant funds, department funds, personal funds, etc.).  Limited additional awards of up to $250 are available for projects that require research abroad.  (Special attention should be paid to the budget of larger requests).  Click the following for a template.

      5.    Current AAR of the student applicant(s). 

      6.    Letter(s) of endorsement from the faculty supervisor(s) (maximum one page), briefly evaluating the scholarly merit of the student research project. On Review Room, specify a lead mentor and have the lead mentor collate the letters of support into one document. 

      7.    Current curriculum vitae of the faculty supervisor (a brief vita of two pages maximum for each applicant, including only relevant experiences, qualifications of the applicant(s) to undertake the project, as well as relevant publications). If multiple mentors are involved, only the curriculum vitae of the the lead mentor is necessary. 

      8.    Summary of outcomes of Undergraduate Research Awards sponsored by the same mentor(s) in the preceding two years.  This data is for program assessment purposes and will help us to maintain and increase funding for the program.  If multiple mentors are involved, the lead mentor is responsible for collecting all relevant information from other mentors involved with the project. 


        Proposal submission

        Proposals need to be submitted through our online submission process.  Please click the following link to submit your application (  Undergraduate researchers must add their faculty/staff mentor(s) as a member of the application.  Instruction on how to add a member is provided during the application process.  When uploading documents to the application software and to avoid corrupted content, please open the file(s) within your computer and use the "Save As" option to create a new file; this typically helps. The Undergraduate Research Committee (faculty/staff representatives from each college) will review applications and make recommendations to the Program Director.  Project funding is for June 2015 into the 2015-2016 academic year.  All purchases must be made and/or reimbursed by April 28, 2016.

        There is no limit to how many times an applicant may submit a proposal. There is also no limit of grants an applicant may be awarded.

        Deadline for Fall Grant Proposals: TBD Fall 2015; Spring Grant Proposals: TBD Spring 2016.  Proposals should be submitted by 4 PM of the due date.  For more information, see our FAQ page here.


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