Grant Purchasing

Guidelines For Grant Use

  • Student investigator receives no salary/wages from the project. Books (no more than $100.00 per grant; special justification such as specific titles not available from the library or Interlibrary Loan system needed for larger requests), software, small equipment, and other materials purchased with grant funds belong to the University. Funds must be expended following regular University guidelines and within University's fiscal year.
  • Funds may be used for dissemination of project results including conference presentation and publication.  See FAQ page for more information.
  • Use of human subjects or animals in the research must receive approval by the appropriate University committee.  See FAQ page for more information.
  • Projects which run beyond or span academic years require special justification.


  • All students whose projects are funded (including those with multiple authors) are expected to submit an abstract to and present their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) or the University of Wisconsin Symposium on Research and Creative Activities.
  • All students whose projects are funded are expected to present their results at the annual UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day Program.
  • Funded students will be asked to fill out a brief web survey.
  • Failure to satisfy these expectations, without satisfactory explanation, will result in ineligibility for undergraduate research funding for the student and mentor for one year.


There are 3 ways to get things ordered using your URP funds to purchase project supplies:

  • UW-Whitewater's main vendor for general supplies is Staples and all their items can be found by searching their website, keeping in mind that that there may be a price difference when the order is actually placed.  When ordering from Staples, e-mail URP ( or stop by the Undergraduate Research & Honors Program Office (2115 Andersen Library) with full details about the items you wish to purchase and web links to the items or shopping cart.  Include prices and any necessary descriptions of the items you would like to order from your grant.  When the order is placed and the price is equal to or lower than planned, the order will be placed, but if the order is higher than expected, approval will be requested before the order is placed.  Delivery for ALL orders placed with Staples will be to the Andersen Library and URP will call or e-mail informing the item(s) arrived and arrange for pick up.
  • For specialized supplies that are best ordered directly from a vendor, please fill out an excel spreadsheet providing the vendor quote, phone, website (if possible), the catalog number, and item description.  Upon receiving the order, we will send to your mentor for review.  Once we receive confirmation that the order has been approved from your mentor, we will complete the order.  Note that your mentor may send us your order for an expedited order.  You may email the spreadsheet to URP at  Delivery of smaller items will be to Andersen Library 2115 and you will be notified once the item(s) have arrived.  Delivery exceptions can be made for larger/heavier items and must be arranged prior to finalizing the order.  You must send copies of all packing lists and invoices to URP when delivery exceptions are made.
  • As the very last option, supplies easier purchased locally can be purchased and then apply for reimbursement.  You will need to fill out the Travel Expense Report and attach the original receipts.  The Travel office will not reimburse expenses without the original receipt.  This form is used for all reimbursements whether travel related or not.  If you bought materials for your project, just list them in the area for description of expense.  Normally state tax should not be paid on such items, your Mentor can help you with this.  After filling in the form and making sure your Mentor has signed it, send/deliver (campus mail) to URP in the Undergraduate Research Program & University Honors Program Office (2115 Andersen Library).  Scanned/e-mailed copies will not be accepted.  Please fill out the form completely.  Incomplete forms will be returned without action.  Please see URP Staff for further inquiries.


You MUST contact URP x1296 BEFORE you travel, so that you follow the University's travel policies correctly. You will need receipts for all travel expenses, an itinerary of where you traveled and what research activities you conducted, and maps (i.e. mapquest or google maps) of travel from the UWW campus if claiming mileage expenses. If filing for mileage reimbursement, the driver must be authorized by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Submission of Travel Expense Report(s) must be provided 90 days after a trip for reimbursement. If undertaking several trips for one research project during the academic year, please submit a Travel Expense Report once a month.

If there are any questions you can contact URP ( 262-472-1296.

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