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F.A.Q. by students

  • Who can apply to RAP?

In order to apply to be a RAP student, you must be either a freshman or sophomore who has been at UW-W for no more than four semesters when you apply, or a transfer student with less than 72 transfer credits. If you are a Junior based on academic standing (this generally happens when students come to college with A.P. credits) but it is only your first or second year at a university, you may still apply to RAP. Please contact the URP/RAP office if you are a returning non-traditional student and are interested in applying to RAP.
There is no GPA requirement for applying to RAP.

  •   How will I be matched with a mentor?

We will do our best to match you with a mentor who has similar research interests. We understand many RAP students are new to research and do not yet have clearly defined interests, so we will have you meet with a potential mentor to discuss whether or not you are interested in their research project before you officially decide to work together. To make this process more efficient and productive, we would like you to give us as much information as possible about your research interests, career goals, how you see yourself benefiting from the RAP experience, courses you have taken, other relevant experiences, etc. Most of this information will be asked when you fill out the RAP application.

  • What if I already know which professor I would like as a mentor?

If you know of a professor you would like as your mentor, please indicate that on the application when you apply. As long as the professor you indicate on your application agrees to be your mentor, we will accept the two of you as a "match."

  • Now that I have been matched with a mentor, what's next? 

Once we find a mentor who is interested in working with you, we ask that you meet with your mentor to talk about a potential project, the average number of hours per week you can work on the project, and other details.  We will send you a RAP Obligation form that you need to co- sign with your mentor.

After your face-to-face meeting with your mentor, you will need to be put on the UW-W payroll like any other student worker.  For this, you will need to fill out the hiring paperwork.  You will need to schedule a time with the RAP office for an orientation, where we will help you with the paperwork and answer any questions you might have.  Please bring your signed obligation form, and TWO (2) government issued ID's, such as your Driver's License and your Social Security Card (or your birth certificate) to the orientation. If you have a passport, that will work too. Also, please bring your banking information for direct deposit (a voided check usually works).

During orientation, please let us know if you have another job on campus, and whether your work-study funds are being used for that campus job. This is important, since there is a limit of how many hours students can work on campus, and how your work-study funds  can be used to support your campus positions.

If you are an international student applying to RAP, please let RAP office staff know so we can make appropriate arrangements for you following your visa guidelines.

Once you are on the payroll, you are expected to keep track of the time you spend on RAP-related activities on a spreadsheet that we will send you. You will also be expected to punch in and out on the Web Clock just like any other student employee on campus.  We will remind you to send in your RAP hours to us every two weeks, so we can approve them for payment. You have to either get a signed hard copy of your hours (on the spreadsheet), or email the spreadsheet to us and CC your mentor on the email before we can approve your hours.

Besides working on your RAP project, you are also expected to complete a course on D2L.  Scroll down for more details about that course.

  • How long are students expected to participate in RAP?

Students who apply to be RAP students are generally expected to work for two full semesters. Most students apply during the Fall Semester. However, you are welcome to apply and start working during the Spring Semester as well. Under special circumstances we may extend the duration of the apprenticeship for a third semester at the request of your RAP mentor.

  •   How many hours a week am I expected to work?

Students are generally allotted 125 RAP hours to work throughout the course of two semesters. This breaks down to 4-5 hours per week on average. However, we leave your exact work "schedule" up to you and your mentor. For example, as long as your mentor agrees, you may work more hours during breaks and not as much during Midterm and Finals Week.
If you have another on-campus job, and a limit on the total number of hours you can get paid to work per week (for example, some students can only work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week), please make sure you don't go over that prescribed limit.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the hours you work.

  • How will I be paid?

RAP students are currently paid $8.00 per hour for a maximum of 125 hours (a total of $1000.00) over two semesters. You will be paid every two weeks. Once you have started working, we will require you to fill out the timesheet each pay period and submit to RAP for our records.  This may be done electronically as long as the mentor is Cc'd on the email to RAP.  You may also drop them off at the Undergraduate Research Office, Andersen Library 2115.  Please note that you must also punch in and out using HR's Web Clock.
RAP-related work may include meeting with your mentor, looking up research articles for your mentor, reading articles, doing lab work, etc. You will also be expected to keep track of your hours and accurately fill out a timesheet every two weeks in order for RAP staff to approve your hours.

  • Do I need to sign up for a class in order to be in RAP?

Yes. All RAP students are required to complete a course titled "Research Methods & Ethics." This course will be made available after Labor Day (September 7), and you will be added to this course on D2L soon after your orientation.  "Research Methods & Ethics" is an online course on D2L, and does not meet in person, nor does it require any textbooks. It is graded on a pass/fail basis and only affects your RAP stipend if you fail the course or do not complete it by the end of Fall semester.  You need only to sign up for this course once even though your RAP appointment runs for two semesters.
This course is a requisite for you to receive the RAP stipend, however you will not get credit for it.  You will not have to register for this course on WINS either. Also, you are not supposed to include the time it takes you to complete this course towards your payable RAP hours on your timesheet. 

  • May I apply to work as a RAP student for a second year?

As RAP can only support a set number of students per academic year, students are only allowed to participate in RAP once, throughout the course of two semesters. In certain cases, your RAP appointment may be extended to include a third semester.  However, you should consider continuing your RAP project into a full-fledged Undergraduate Research project with your mentor.  Please talk to your mentor about that possibility.

  • What happens if I do not use up the entire 125 hours over the course of my two-semester RAP appointment?

Unless your RAP mentor requests an extension of your RAP appointment, you will lose any hours remaining at the end of the two semesters you were supposed to work as a RAP student. We will send out an email near the end of the second semester of your appointment notifying you of the number of hours you have left, and suggest that you talk to your mentor whether (s)he would like to request an extension of your hours until the end of the following semester.

  • Can I switch RAP mentors?

Yes, as long as you notify the RAP staff of your intention to work with a different mentor, and your current mentor agrees to the change, you can switch mentors any time during your RAP appointment. 

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RAP information
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