Writing the Project Summary

      Writing the Project Summary

      The Project Summary should be written so that a lay person (e.g. member of the legislature) can read and basically understand what you are proposing. The Project Summary needs to contain a statement of the intellectual merit of the research as well as the broader impact. Use these words in bold in your summary so that it is obvious the reviewers that you have fulfilled this requirement. Reviewers are looking for a proposal that has a good balance between intellectual merit and broader impact, one should not be substantially longer than the other. They are also looking to see if any aspect of the proposal is "transformative". Possibly you are using a new and different approach, model, or procedure to address the question(s) you have set forth to answer. This is hard to do at a PUI, but if you are doing something innovative be sure to emphasize it here!

      Example Project Summary 1

      Example Project Summary 2


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