Resources for Students & Mentors

      Resources for Students & Mentors

      Resources for Students

      College of Arts & Communication

      College of Education & Professional studies

      College of business & Economics

      College of letters & sciences

      • Political Science - Larry Anderson: an introduction on how to get started in Undergraduate Research in Political Science
      • Geography & Geology - Juk Bhattacharyya: This website provides resources for Undergraduate Research in Geology
      • Geography & Geology - Eric Compas:
        • This website provides a map of where Geography & Geology students have conducted Undergraduate Research
        • This handout provides information relevant about Undergraduate Research in the Department of Geography & Geology
      • History - Anthony Gulig: This website provides models of exemplary Undergraduate Research projects in History and information on how to develop projects
      • Biological Sciences - Eric Brown:
          • This website introduces students to Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences and available equpiment and facilities
          • This website highlights recent departmental news
          • This link provides a directory listing of faculty and staff
      • Biological Sciences - Josh Kapfer: This website provides information on resources to support Biology Undergraduate Research
      • Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice - Jennifer Flad:
          • This website profiles Undergraduate Research students in the department and faculty Mentors
          • This brochure provides information on the Undergraduate Research Program and the Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice department
      • Mathematical & Computer Sciences - Hien Nguyen: This website provides information about Undergraduate Research in Mathematical and Computer 

      Resources for Faculty

      College of Letters and Sciences

      College of Arts and Communication

      Collge of Business and Economics


      • This article on teacher education was written by Simone DeVore and a colleague from Carthage College.

      URP Equipment Available for Checkout

      • Laptop x 1
      • iPad x 1
      • iPad Mini x 4
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