SURF Awards 2016


Amanda danno

Mentor: Kirsten Crossgrove
Research: Using Bioluminescent Organisms as Environmental Sensors
Impact Statement

Alyssa fernandez

Mentor: Peter Killoran
Research: Using XRF Technology to Identify the Presence of Heavy Metals, specifically Mercury, in Human Bone
Impact Statement

Allison Kaiser

Mentor: Rocio Duchesne 
Research: Discrimination of Wheat, Hay, and Oat Crops Using Field Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Impact Statement

Elijah Kramer

Mentor: Nick Guo
Research: Consumer Spending, where has it been and where will it go
Impact Statement

Thomas Geiser, RYAN HONECK, and Rachel Lensing

Mentor: Ozgur Yavuzcetin and Meg Waraczynski
Research: Constructing a Chronic Neural Ensemble Recording System
Impact Statement

Christopher Marshall

Mentor: Steven Sahyun
Research: 3D Printing of Physics Tactile Objects for Science Accessibility
Impact Statement

megan matheus

Mentor: John Frye 
Research: Going FARther: How False Alarm Ratios (FARs) Do Not Tell the Whole Story with Severe Weather Events
Impact Statement

Sanjeewa Senanayaka

Mentor: Jiazhen Zhou
Research: Cache Selection for Efficient Information Update in Emergency Communication Networks
Impact Statement

lauren shirley

Mentor:  Jiazhen Zhou
Research: Leveraging Mobil Telephony and Cloud Computing to Enhance Disaster Relief Communications
Impact Statement

Christina Slack

Mentor: Steven Girard 
Research: Understanding Silicon Reactivity in Molten Salts
Impact Statement

Jeffrey Smyczek

Mentor: Eric Compas 
Research: Mapping the Prairie: Correlations Between Biomass and Vegetation Indices Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Impact Statement

Nicholas Surita

Mentor: Christina Jones and Kate Ksobiech
Research: Healthcare Utilization and Community Outreach at Open Arms Free Clinic: A Preliminary analysis
Impact Statement

Alissa Zawacki And Noah Padgett

Mentor: Meg Waraczynski
Research: Assessing Intervention Effectiveness in Walworth County's Health and Human Services
Impact Statement

Brent Zey

Mentor: Eylem Ersal Kiziler 
Research: Socioeconomic mobility through small businesses and financial availability for small businesses
Impact Statement

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