Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program at CSU

      Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program at CSU

      Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program at cOLORADO sTATE uNIVERSITY (SURF-CSU)

      Fort Collins, Colorado


      The Undergraduate Research Program at UW-Whitewater announces a new summer research fellowship at Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, Colorado ( Opportunities are available in the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital (, the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (, the Department of Atmospheric Science (, the Warner College of Natural Resources (, and the Infectious Diseases Program (

      1-2 fellowship of approximately 8- 10 weeks in duration will be awarded with stipends of $3000 each. The specific dates of this fellowship will be determined by the CSU sponsoring mentor. Up to $300 is also available for travel expenses. Test2

      Each fellow will be matched with a laboratory and research project depending on the interest and skills of selected fellows and available opportunities at CSU.

      • For students interested in working in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, they may be matched with basic researchers with DVM credentials who run laboratories at the hospital in areas such as equine and small animal cardiology, small animal oncology, equine orthopedics, and drug development.
      • The School of Global Environmental Sustainability has six major focal research areas:  Energy and climate change, food security, environmental institutions and governance, sustainable communities, land and water resources, and biodiversity, conservation and management.
      • In the Department of Atmospheric Science, the major research areas include: (1) Radiation and remote sensing, (2) Atmospheric chemistry, (3) Climate and atmosphere-ocean dynamics, (4) Cloud microphysics, severe storms, and mesoscale meterology, and (5) Global biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems.
      • The Infectious Diseases Program focuses on better means to diagnose, treat and prevent through vaccination four categories of infections: (1) those caused by retroviruses, which cause AIDS and other diseases; (2) mycobacterial infections, which cause tuberculosis and other diseases; (3) vector-borne diseases, which through insect transmission cause encephalitis and other diseases worldwide; and (4) blood parasites, which are the major cause of disease in the world.


      • Current UWW Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
      • Enrolled full time in the 2015 - 2016 academic year
      • Minimum GPA of 3.25 in major and minor

      Application Process

      In order to apply for the SURF Program, you will need to apply via our online submission process. Applications must be submitted at: Please note that a complete application consists of:

      • A completed application form.
      • A copy of the student's Degree Progress Report
      • Letter of application (no more than 1200 words, or approximately 4 pages double - spaced)
      • 2 Confidential Letters of Recommendation

        Other Information

        The letter of application should address the student's interest in conducting STEM research at CSU, the coursework and laboratory experience that will prepare them for this fellowship, their ability to complete an 8-10 week residency in Colorado during the summer (and dates, if any, when they will not be available, to participate in this fellowship) and the personal and professional qualities they possess that will ensure their successful completion of this fellowship and serving as an "ambassador" for the Undergraduate Research Program and UW-Whitewater. For more details, please consult the FAQ section. For suggestions on how to compose a successful proposal, please consult this guide.

        Summer Fellows Expectations

        • Fellows should not plan on taking any courses during the time of their fellowship in Colorado or engage in other employment.
        • Fellows will prepare and maintain a research portfolio for the duration of the fellowship and submit it to the Undergraduate Research Program by Sept. 1, 2015.
        • Fellows will complete an evaluation of their fellowship experience by early September, 2012.
        • Students will also be expected to present the results of their research at the September 2012 Undergraduate Research Day.

        Selection Process

        Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee comprised of representatives from the Undergraduate Research Program and select science faculty members.

        Up to five finalists will be invited to a 20-minute interview with the selection committee. The selection committee will recommend fellows to Dr. Mark Brown, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry, CSU, who will make the final selection depending on available research opportunities at CSU and assign fellows to specific research labs and determine the period of the research residency at CSU.  Please note:  a recommendation by the UW-Whitewater selection committee does not guarantee that a suitable research opportunity will be provided by CSU.

        The selection committee will evaluate fellowship applications on the following criteria:


        Number of Points

        Applicant demonstrates a clear understanding of select research opportunities available at CSU and be able to articulate and justify his/her area(s) of interest.

        25 points

        Applicant clearly presents a set of new skills or experience they hope to acquire as a result of this summer fellowship.

        20 points

        Applicant presents a clear and compelling case for how the fellowship will contribute towards their overall research agenda and career or post-graduate study plans. Preference will be given to students who can demonstrate a convincing plan of sustaining/continuing their research in UW-Whitewater during the 2012-2013 academic year.

        25 points

        Applicant demonstrates that they can successfully complete the 8-10 week fellowship in residency at CSU.

        10 points

        Applicant is prepared for the fellowship (coursework, experience, etc).

        10 points

        Letters of recommendation are strongly supportive of the applicant's merit for this fellowship.

        10 points

        The application process is currently closed.

        Please address any questions to Catherine Chan, Interim Director, Undergraduate Research Program, or .


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