Lucas Kuehn (May 2011 graduate)

Kyle KuehnGetting involved in undergraduate research at UW-Whitewater was one of the best decisions I made as an undergraduate.  I was fortunate enough to do three years of research in behavioral neuroscience with Dr. Meg Waraczynski and one summer in the Biology department with Dr. Elisabeth Harrahy, Dr. Catherine Chan, and Dr. Paul House.  The knowledge gained working on these projects and with such quality mentors enabled me to get the most out of my time in Whitewater.  Undergraduate research has also given me the chance to travel to Montana, Colorado, Washington D.C., and the state capitol in Madison for various conferences to present the research I was involved in.  Being able to attend professional and undergraduate research conferences was a wonderful way to network and learn more about research being conducted not only here in the US, but also around the world.  I believe undergraduate research was a very important stepping stone to professional school for me.  I am now a first year medical student at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and my experience in research as an undergraduate is still benefitting me.  All the time spent reading peer-reviewed articles has enabled me to better understand the terminology used in similar articles that I am responsible for as a medical student.  Most importantly, I believe undergraduate research helped me develop time management skills and driven my interest in the pursuit of knowledge, which I hope will stick with me for the rest of my life.  For all those currently involved in or considering undergraduate research, know that you will have no greater opportunity in your undergraduate lives to benefit from the magnificent professors University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has to offer.  So make the most of this opportunity and don't forget to have fun while doing so!

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