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If you receive an Undergraduate Research Grant, you are expected to present at an off-campus venue.  Usually, our students present either at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), or more commonly, at the UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities.  While the UW System Symposium does not involve traveling out-of-state, traveling and presenting at NCUR often does.

Besides NCUR or the UW System Symposium, students and mentors receiving Group Grants are required to travel off campus for to participate in various scholarly and/or creative activities. Quite a few of our students also present at various professional conferences, such as the regional or annual conferences organized by the Geological Society of America (GSA) or the American Chemical Society (ACS).

If you are a student traveling to a conference or meeting, or if you are a faculty mentor accompanying your students to a conference or meeting, please familiarize yourself with the information provided on this page.  Please feel free to contact the URP office (URP@uww.edu) for any questions you might have.

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  • Some funding to support travel expenses for students may be available from the College of Letters and Sciences (L&S Travel Grants), as well as from the College of Business and Economics (CoBE Travel Grants).  The Undergraduate Research program DOES NOT award these grants, though we will gladly help you apply for them.  Please follow the specific application procedures for each of those grants provided on the web pages.

  • In some instances, students can use their undergraduate research grant funding towards conference travel expenses.  This should be specified in the grant proposal budget when you submit your UR Grant proposal before you travel.  Please talk to your mentor about this option.

  • With the exception of your meals and your personal expenses such as buying souvenirs, or fee for checked luggage, the Undergraduate Research Program pays all conference and travel expenses for NCUR and/or UW System Symposium.  You are REQUIRED to attend a workshop prior to traveling to a conference sponsored by the URP.  If you are selected for presenting at NCUR or the UW System Symposium, we will contact you with more details about the workshop.

  • Mentors need to use their allocated Professional Development Funds or funds from their own research grants towards travel expenses.

  • When traveling, it is required that system-wide travel policies are followed. Your travel expenses will not be reimbursed unless those guidelines are met.

  • If you are traveling to a conference with other UR students and chaperones as a group, and/or with your faculty mentor, please complete and submit all proper forms (linked on the right) prior to travel.  Such conferences include but are not limited to NCUR, Posters in the Rotunda, and the UW-System Symposium.  *The travel forms are available for any mentor as well to use for travel to discipline specific conferences as needed.

  • You are responsible for any fees if you check your luggage at the airport.  Pack accordingly.

  • Pack clothes that do not get wrinkled easily.  You may not have time to iron your clothes before your scheduled presentation.

  • Dress in layers, and bring a light jacket or sweater with you.  You can always take it off or put it on for comfort depending on the room temperature.

  • Wear/bring comfortable footwear.  You may have to stand next to your poster for a while.

  • If you are planning to only take carry-on luggage, pack all liquid or gels, such as toothpaste, shampoo...etc. in ONE clear quart sized plastic (Ziploc) bag.

  • You are allowed to carry any prescription medicine in a separate plastic bag, but make sure you have the medicine clearly labelled, and have the original prescription with you.

  • Bring a refillable water bottle.

  • You are responsible for your food while you are on an URP sponsored trip (for example, to NCUR).  Bring enough cash to cover your meals.  Some places may not accept out-of-town checks.

  • If you plan to use your credit card, please let the credit card company know your travel dates and destination before you leave.  Credit card companies routinely monitor card purchase patterns, and if they see your card is being used at a place far away from the places where you usually use your credit card without any apparent reason, they can freeze your card.  It might mean you get stuck with an unpaid dinner bill. (See the bullet point above)

  • The "buddy system" is highly recommended while you are in an unfamiliar city. Make sure you have the phone numbers of the URP chaperones and at least two other members of the UWW group with you.

  • Carry your cell phone with you, or be with someone who has a cell phone.

  • Keep a positive attitude and have fun.

  • While you are attending and/or presenting at a conference, you are representing UW Whitewater ALL THE TIME. While you are allowed to have downtime and have fun, make sure that your behavior is exemplary at all times.

  • Unruly or drunken behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • Do not break the law.


  • Please make sure you have multiple copies of your oral presentation so you don't lose it. Also, if you are a Mac user, make sure a copy of your presentation is in a PC friendly format (for example, Microsoft PowerPoint as opposed to Keynote) before you are scheduled to present.

  • While you are at a conference, you are expected to attend other presentations during the time you are not scheduled to present. You are not allowed to go on an unauthorized sightseeing trip while the conference is in session.

  • Please visit posters/talks/performances by other UWW students, even if they are from a different discipline.  Support each other by being there.

  • Visiting presentations by students from other campuses is highly recommended.  Conferences are great places for exchanging ideas, and who knows, someone from another campus might be working on a project very similar to your own, and you can get some great ideas about your own research by talking to them.

  • Be nice to others, and be mindful of others in your group.

  • Keep a positive attitude and have fun.

If you received funding for travel from UW Whitewater, a Travel Expense Report (TER) will likely be required.  Please review these TER instructions before you complete the form and the system-wide travel policies.  Proper documentation, including all original receipts for your airfare or other mode of transportation, lodging, food and other expenses, a copy of the travel grant award letter, a copy of the conference agenda showing when your presentation was scheduled, and whether the conference provided breakfast and/or other meals, etc. are required for completing your TER.  For assistance with completing the TER, consult your mentor or contact the URP Office (urp@uww.edu). 

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