UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Last policy revision: 6/1/96


SOURCE: Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Students are held responsible for keeping an accurate record of their progress toward graduation. The Academic Progress Report (APR) is provided to students prior to each semester's registration period. APRs can also be obtained from the advising locations of the students' majors.

Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements in effect at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at the time of declaration of their current major unless they interrupt their attendance at Whitewater by an absence of four or more consecutive academic sessions (including summer), in which case upon re-entry they will be subject to the requirements in effect at that time.

Students may elect to satisfy any newer set of requirements by contacting the advising location of their major. Permission of their dean is required if, due to extenuating circumstances, students wish to satisfy a set of requirements earlier than the academic year indicated on the APR.

Students who have not completed their degree requirements within eight years may be held to satisfy newer requirements deemed appropriate by the dean of the college in which they are enrolled.

In addition to fulfilling all general and specific degree requirements, candidates for the bachelor's degree may also be requested to participate in a University institutional testing program examination. Student participation in such a program is a requirement for graduation upon the request of the University.

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