UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Auxiliary Transfer Policy

SOURCE: Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs and Student Affairs

BACKGROUND: Board of Regent Approved Auxiliary Transfer Policy

POLICY OBJECTIVE: Administration of the UW Auxiliary Transfer Policy

  1. The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Deputy Assistant Chancellor of Auxiliary Services, and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance will serve as an Auxiliary Transfer Committee.

  3. On or before August 15 of each year the Budget Office will initiate the Annual Year-End Study for all UW-Whitewater Auxiliary units.

  5. The auxiliary operations managers will provide a detailed response to each of the revenue and expenditure variances on their Year-End statement and forward to the Budget Office by no later than October 1.

  7. The Budget Office will review the individual auxiliary units Year-End Study results and compare it with the criteria identified in the Auxiliary Transfer Policy to identify the possible availability of auxiliary funds for transfer.

  9. The results of the Year-End Study and potential auxiliary transfer amount(s) will be made available to the Auxiliary Transfer Committee on or before October 15.

  11. The Auxiliary Transfer Committee will review the Year-End Study and recommendations for possible transfer to determine if the transfer policy fiscal criteria supports the availability of funds prior to recommending auxiliary fund transfer possibilities.

  13. The Auxiliary Transfer Committee will report its findings, including any funds eligible for transfer under the UW System Transfers From Auxiliary Enterprises http://www.uwsa.edu/fadmin/fppp/fp43at1.htm, and recommendations for transfer to the Chancellor on or before November 1.

  15. The Chancellor and staff will review the recommendations on the availability of funds, the Committee's recommendation for transfer funds and/or other legitimate uses to determine if the transfer option will be exercised. The Chancellor will then initiate the required consultations with students and other appropriate stakeholders as stipulated in the policy and will complete the appropriate transmittals to UW System administrative staff as part of the annual budget submission.

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