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The University Honors Program is based on the conviction that students should be given the opportunity to develop their intellectual abilities to the fullest extent possible. Those who come to the university with special academic talents and/or extensive backgrounds in specific disciplines are, through the University Honors Program, provided with instructional options designed to challenge their abilities and allow them to more fully realize their intellectual potential.

 Through enrollment in honors courses and entry into individualized honors work, students are able to explore subject matter areas in greater depth than would otherwise be possible. For those who come to the university seeking the maximum return for their educational investment, the University Honors Program offers an excellent means of matching interests and skills with university expertise. The end results can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Students active in the Honors Program are afforded an opportunity to participate in Study Abroad programs, undergraduate research and a variety of social and cultural activities which will augment their formal educational experience. Field trips, participation in the Wisconsin State Honors Council, Upper Midwest Honors Council and National Collegiate Honors Council and social interaction with other talented and motivated students combine to provide the University Honors Program participant with opportunities for enriching experiences beyond the laboratory or classroom setting. Entering freshmen eligible for the Honors courses and continuing students in good standing in the program are extended registration preference in recognition of their exceptional academic achievement.

In addition to the enhanced educational opportunities presented by the University Honors Program, students who successfully meet all specified requirements are privileged to graduate with a University Honors designation. This achievement is both personally gratifying and of importance as students seek professional employment or admission to graduate schools.

Components: University Honors Program students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.40 or better and complete honors courses and honors option work according to the following distribution:

Classification Minimum Honors Credits
Freshman Six credits at 100 level or greater
Sophomore Three credits at 100 level or greater 
Three credits at 200 level or greater
Junior Three credits at 200 level or greater
Three credits at 300 level or greater 
Senior Three credits at 300 level or greater

Full-time students should not go two consecutive Fall or Spring Terms without completing an honors course or an H-option contract. Part-time students in the University Honors Program will have their progress monitored by the University Honors Program Office.

To graduate from the University Honors Program, students must complete a minimum of twenty-one (21) honors credits. All University Honors Program requirements and regulations must be met and adhered to throughout the time of enrollment.

 Eligibility Requirements: Entering freshman students are eligible to become members of the University Honors Program if they have:

  1. graduated in the top ten percent of their high school class AND attained a composite ACT/SAT score which ranks in the top twenty-five percent nationally; OR
  2. attained a composite ACT/SAT score which ranks in the top ten percent nationally AND graduated in the top twenty-five percent of their high school class.
Application forms are required for admission to the University Honors Program. Information and appropriate forms may be obtained from the University Honors Office.

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