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SOURCE: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

The leave policy which allows for leave without pay requires the approval of the supervisor and the Personnel Director.

The employee shall request in writing to the Personnel Director, with a copy to the supervisor, the reason for the leave, the dates of the leave and any additional information requested by the supervisor or Personnel Director which will be helpful in the decision making process.

The supervisor will make a recommendation of approval or disapproval to the Personnel Director in writing.

Notice of approved leaves will be sent to the supervisor and employee. In addition, leave forms must be completed in the Personnel Office by the employee, the supervisor and the Personnel Director once the decision has been made to grant the leave. Leave of absence papers have a copy sent to Madison. On medical leaves, a statement from the employee's doctor is required as well as a Family and Medical Leave Act Request form.

The current Personnel Board Rules [Pers. 18.05 (1)] read in part, "Leave without pay may be granted for: Educational purposes where direct or indirect benefit accrues to the service; purpose of working for a limited period in other employment where the experience would afford a direct benefit in the performance of his or her work for the state upon his or her return; maternity cases and exceptional personal reasons other than those mentioned above."

It is the intent of this policy to clarify this University's policy regarding leave requests for personal reasons only.

Any employee will not be eligible for leave without pay for personal reasons until the completion of two years of employment with UW-Whitewater. After two years of employment, the employee is eligible for up to one month of leave without pay per year. After five years of service at UW-Whitewater, an employee is eligible for up to two months leave without pay per year. (Under extraordinary circumstances, an exception to this may be made at the discretion of the appointing authority.)

All requests for leaves without pay for personal reasons must be made in writing, approved by the employee's immediate supervisor, and directed to the Personnel Director. The employer will approve or deny the request within two weeks after the request is received. A denial of the request will be made in writing and will not be arbitrary or capricious. The granting of a leave of absence is at the discretion of the appointing authority.

If there are any questions regarding this matter, contact the Personnel Director.

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