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SOURCE: Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs and Assistant Chancellor Student Affairs
Revised:  October 2004

These general guidelines exist to clarify the parameters to which individuals and groups are subject when they post or display printed material in or on any of the University buildings and grounds. For the purposes of this policy statement, printed materials shall refer to posters, flyers, pictures, signs, brochures, chalking, and other such material of this nature. Building supervisors may determine other guidelines that would better address the needs of their buildings. Individual building guidelines must comply with the general guidelines.
The authority for this policy is derived from the Wisconsin Administrative Code, University of Wisconsin System, Chapter UWS 18.06 (17).

Interior and exterior walls of University buildings, light poles, outdoor furniture, or other vertical surfaces, trees, and other vegetation are not to be utilized for the posting of materials.

Printed materials designed to promote the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, or any printed materials that promote illegal activity will not be permitted.  The determination of what is appropriate shall be made by the appropriate Building Supervisor and/or the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, in accordance with the University, UW System or other laws/policies.

The sponsoring organization's name shall appear on all printed materials.  The sponsors of signs on campus are limited to recognized student organizations and University departments.  The University staff may remove signs by non-campus sponsors.


Bulletin Boards

It is the responsibility of each Academic Building Supervisor, or designee, to allocate and administer bulletin board space within the respective building.
Each academic building supervisor shall allot bulletin board space for general student organization use and for campus community use.  The respective Building Supervisor, in consultation with the units affected, shall determine bulletin board space for colleges, departments, administrative offices, and other uses.  Working together with the Building Supervisors in classroom buildings, each academic department will identify bulletin boards to be used for departmental and student organization notices.  All remaining bulletin boards and those not identified for departmental use shall be open for public posting within policy stipulations.

Bulletin boards in the academic department/college administrative areas are for department/college use unless otherwise identified by the department/college and the Building supervisor.   All bulletin boards shall be adequately identified as to their authorized use.   University staff and Facilities Planning and Management staff shall remove daily (except in the University Center, Esker, Drumlin, Moraine, and the Residence Hall) printed materials that are improperly posted, outdated, promote the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal activity.  These printed materials (except outdated materials) shall be forwarded to the appropriate Building Supervisor who will send them to the Assistant Dean of Students for review of any possible violations with the Director of Leadership Development.

FP&M staff shall clear all general bulletin boards from academic buildings once per semester, unless determined otherwise by the Building Supervisor. All materials shall be discarded. FP&M staff shall remove these above  mentioned materials from all outdoor bulletin boards or kiosks. See also University Center and Residence Life policies.

Classroom Chalkboards/Write-On Board

Classroom chalkboards/write-on boards are instructional tools to be utilized by faculty/staff.  During class time, use of the classroom chalkboards is at the discretion of the instructor.  The Building Supervisor may decide whether or not to have the custodian clean the material off the boards each night.

Table Tents

Table Tents or other materials that may be appropriate to distribute on table tops, are permissible in certain facilities. Student organizations, individuals, and groups wishing to distribute table tents should contact the appropriate Building Supervisor.  For the table tent policy for the University Center, Esker, and Drumlin, see the University Center Operations Manual.


Bulletin Board Kiosks

Bulletin board kiosks are specifically designed for notices and signs and shall be the only exterior locations where printed materials may be posted on University grounds.  Signs posted on furniture, etc. will be removed by University staff and/or FP&M and the sponsoring organization will be charged a per hour labor cost.   FP&M staff will clear all bulletin board kiosks at the end of each semester and clear outdated postings weekly.  The materials will be discarded at the time of removal.

Stake-in-the-ground signs
Stake-in-the-ground signs are not permitted, with an exception for directional signs for officially approved University functions.

Table-top signs
Table-top signs that can easily be blown around by the wind are not permitted on outdoor tables.

Side-walk Chalking
The use of chalk to create signs is permitted only on sidewalks.  Markers or spray chalk that are permanent are not permitted.  Chalking may not be done under entrance canopies or under overpasses where the rain cannot wash away the chalk.  Chalking is also not allowed on any vertical surfaces such as buildings, retaining walls or steps.

Outdoor Signboards
Outdoor signboards (1/2" x 4x4) can only be displayed in designated kiosk locations across campus.  A reservation for use of a signboard kiosk is made at the Office of Leadership Development.  Sponsors are responsible for the removal of signboards by 5:00 pm of Sunday ending the reservation.  Failure to do so will result in the signboard being discarded.

Electronic Message Board
The Electronic Message Board located on the north side of the University Center arches operates from 7:30 am to 12:30 am.  Display time on this board can be requested through the Office of Leadership Development.  Display cycle begins Monday mornings at 7:30 am and ends the following Sunday at 12 :30 am.  The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership will determine the category and appropriateness of each use.  They will also have the responsiblity for editing information given on the request form.  Charge for the use of the Message Board will be based on the user's affiliation and type of message. (See the University Center Operations Manual for updated cost information).

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