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Employment on Campus

SOURCE: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life
Revised September, 2001

The minimum wage for students employed by the University is $5.80 per hour (effective 9/2/01 per the Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs). This applies to both Work-Study and Regular Budget student employees.

A reminder: University policy prohibits the hiring of a student who is related to the faculty or staff member who is in charge of hiring or supervision of the student involved.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater




    The purpose of employment is to provide a student with learning experiences and the opportunity to earn dollars to assist the student in meeting academic year expenses, such as fees, books, room and board. Federal and state grants are made to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to enable the University to create job opportunities for eligible students.

    The Financial Aids Office has the responsibility of administering the Work-Study and Regular Student Programs and insuring that federal and state regulations are observed in granting part-time employment to students. The Director of Financial Aids, as a member of the University Financial Aids Committee, is the liaison between the committee and the administration of the University in the making of student employment policies for this campus. The committee makes policy in cooperation with the administration and with input from several sources.

    Many of the policies regulating the Work-Study Program are a matter of federal law or regulation; it is a general policy to keep the Regular Payroll policies as similar as possible to the Work-Study regulations. This helps prevent confusion, but still provides for greater flexibility in regard to the Regular Student Payroll.




    There are a variety of jobs available among openings on file in the Financial Aids Office. In addition to the usual clerical and manual type job positions, there are many that require special skills. The jobs available through the Regular Payroll and Work-Study do not include those with the University Food Service. The Food Service on our campus is privately owned and they do their own hiring.




    The length of the program will be for the academic year. A student will be employed under this program from September through the middle of May. Even though a student is certified to participate in the Work-Study or Regular Programs, the student is under no obligation to seek employment should they decide they do not wish to work. When the academic year ends and a student has not earned the award offered, any balance remaining is forfeited. The summer session is considered a separate period of time.




    The Hiring Card will identify the student as an eligible Work-Study or Regular employee. This card will be shown to the student's employer with whom he/she interviews. The Hiring Card must be obtained in the Financial Aids Office. The card will go with the student to his/her employer who will keep the second copy. The employer must include a job description along with the other required information which he/she adds to the card. The student will take the Hiring Card to the Personnel Office and fill out a W-4 form. The Personnel Office will keep the first carbon and return the original to the Financial Aids Office.




    Federal and state regulations state that an eligible student may not be employed more than a maximum of 40 hours per week. This maximum applies whether the employment is to occur during the academic year when the student is enrolled on at least a half-time basis or during the summer (or other comparable periods).

  11. WAGES



    Wage rates for student employment must meet the appropriate federal and state requirements for hourly minimum wages. The salary will be established by the employer after discussion with the student. The current salary range for student employment is $5.80 to a maximum of $9.50. Employers should offer the minimum hourly wage to new student workers--with adjustments considered as appropriate.

    The Financial Aids Office is responsible for establishing the student salary range for campus employees. Wages in excess of $9.50 per hour must be approved by the Financial Aids Office. Pay will be paid under "Hours-pay-for-hours-work." (See Section IX, "Salaried Positions").




    At the end of each pay period, the employer must complete a payroll time card for each student showing the number of hours worked each day. The student will be paid on a bi-weekly basis based upon a prescribed pay schedule. The payroll time card, with the job description completed, must be signed by the student and employer and turned into the Personnel Office.




    The student's obligations are to conduct themselves as mature adults and to deliver a full measure of work for the time employed. The employee should expect from the student the same regular, punctual and efficient performance that they would expect from their full-time employees.




    University of Wisconsin System policy permits hiring students on a salaried status. Salaried student positions must be approved by the Financial Aids Office. A job description, rationale for "salaried status," and recommended salary amount must be identified in the request. (Forms, sample attached, are available in Financial Aids Office.)


    Designation of salaried student position(s) will be consistent with University of Wisconsin System Policy. General criteria which will be used to evaluate requests is:

    Supervisors must receive approval that the criteria for a salaried position have been met before selecting student(s) for employment in the position with the Financial Aids Office notifying the requesting supervisor and the Personnel Office of approved position(s).


    Students selected for approved positions must request a salaried hire authorization card. Supervisors are responsible for completing the hire authorization card and signing periodic payment authorization. Completed hire authorization cards must be taken to the Personnel Office for processing. Pay authorization cards will be processed in the Personnel Office consistent with data provided on the hire authorization card. The supervisor shall not authorize more payments than the salary approved, or change the salary amount, unless a request for such a change has been approved by the Financial Aids Office.

    The development of procedures for the payment for salaried positions is the responsibility of the Personnel Office. Students must contact the Personnel Office if they wish to have payroll taxes withheld from earnings resulting from employment in approved position(s). Students are not permitted to work prior to the acceptance of the hire authorization card and concurrent issuance of the first time card by the Personnel Office.




    The purpose of the summer employment policy is to restrict the earnings of "regular" employment dollars to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students.

    Employment, therefore, will be restricted to those:

    1. enrolled the previous semester and have not graduated.
    2. admitted (with credentials) and enrolled in a degree granting program during summer (8 week) session carrying at least three (3) credits (See#1).
    3. incoming freshmen with definite plans on attending UW-W for the next academic year who have been admitted for the fall semester (See#2).
    NOT eligible for employment are those:
    1. who have graduated in May.
    2. students enrolled in other universities.
    3. individuals with prior UW-W employment history who have never enrolled.
    For individuals in question, a signed affidavit stating their intent to enroll may be required.
    1. Students without prior credits at UW-W, or those who have graduated, must wait until the beginning of summer school before beginning to work.
    2. Signed affidavit on file.

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