University of Wisconsin - Whitewater


SOURCE: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
Effective: March 14, 2002


DOA has issued a directive that all in and out-of-state travel must be approved in advance by the Chancellor (or designate).

Prior approval of travel is delegated to the appropriate Division Head and/or Dean of the College. However, the Chancellor must approve an after-the-fact quarterly report that summarizes all of the approved/denied travel.


1. All individuals desiring to conduct University travel must complete and submit the official "Request to be Absent from Campus" form available at

2. The request must be submitted electronically by doing the following:

· Download and save the form to the hard drive.

· Traveler completes the form and attaches it to an email, which is then sent to their supervisor.

3. The supervisor, if not the delegated approval authority, must forward it as an email attachment to the next level of review indicating their recommendation for approval.

4. Once the email and attachment have reached the individual with delegated authority to approve/deny the travel, that individual approves/denies the travel and then forwards an email with the attachment to the traveler as well as a copy of the email (and attachment) to in Financial Services.

Note: If the travel request is denied, canceled, modified or deferred by someone prior to it being reviewed by the delegated authority, a copy of that action should be forwarded to Joe Kolosso to be included in the quarterly after-the-fact report.

5. Financial Services will complete the report with the requisite information for the Chancellorís review and approval, and then submit the report to UW System Administration for reporting to DOA.

Note: ALL travel costs submitted for reimbursement MUST have a copy of the approved Travel Request form attached to the Travel Expense Report form.