UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Last policy revision: 8/1/84

University Relations Basic Policies and Procedures

SOURCE: Office of the Chancellor

  1. The resources of this office are available to alumni, faculty, students and friends of the University.

  2. Any student, student organization (approved by the University administration), alumnus, or faculty member may use the alumni files stored in this office.

    1. This does not include certain confidential information about prospective donors to the UW-Whitewater Foundation.

    2. The use of these files must be for a purpose that is University related and is approved by the organization's advisor.

    3. The files may not be removed from the Alumni Center.

  3. The UW-Whitewater Foundation publishes a magazine, WHITEWATER TODAY, three times per year--September, January, May. University related persons or groups may submit news articles or announcements of general alumni interest to be included in the publication.

  4. This office will provide information to University departments for developing departmental or special interest group alumni clubs.

  5. Lists of bankers, business executives, attorneys, and corporate foundations are available in this office.

  6. The UW-Whitewater Foundation attorneys and financial advisors are available for assistance in setting up bequests and gifts to the University.

  7. The UW-Whitewater Foundation will serve as the depository for funds generated by University departments and colleges.

    1. The funds must have been collected so as not to conflict with University policy.

    2. Must be funds which are not subject to University Business Office control.

    3. The amount of the funds and duration of time that the funds are held must be great enough to warrant Foundation involvement. Each request for deposit of funds will be granted on an individual basis. The final authority shall rest with the Foundation Board of Directors.

    4. The Foundation reserves the right to make an administrative service charge to recover some of the expense involved in handling the funds.

  8. This office serves as liaison office for alumni and parents who wish information about the University but do not know the individual or department to contact.

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