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Work Order Policy and Procedures

SOURCE: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs in accordance with the revised (4/23/79) Implementation of Financial Policies and Procedures Paper#25, as determined by the University of Wisconsin System.



    Any request not requiring a chargeback should be placed on the physical plant short work order form "Minor Repair/Services Request". If this form is improperly used, it will be returned with a request to use the "Work Request" form.

    Any work requiring a chargeback should be put on the standard 8 1/2 x 11 "Work Request" form. Physical plant personnel will complete any project under $100 without further contact with the using department, and will unilaterally enter the charge to the department. When the project is complete, the department will receive a copy of the "Work Request" form including the charge.

    Departments can expedite their projects if they indicate on the "Work Request" form that they do not require an estimate. The cost of the estimate will not be charged back if the project is not approved by the department, but otherwise will be part of the estimated cost of the project.

    Departments that find the estimate for the project higher than they anticipated and not within their budget plan may cancel the "Work Request" order. When the approved "Work Request" is received by General Services, the project will then be scheduled.




    Final costs may be lower than the estimate but will not exceed the estimate by more than 20%. If the department requests changes in the original work order, they will submit a change order that will adjust the charge accordingly.

    There are circumstances where projects are started in one fiscal year and completed in the next fiscal year. It is the responsibility of the Physical Plant Department to work with the using department to determine the fiscal year for the chargeback.

    In July of each year, the Physical Plant Department will prepare a schedule of chargeback rates for personnel participating in the chargeback program (i.e., electrician, carpenter, painter, building maintenance helper, facilities repair worker). This rate schedule will be available to campus personnel. Frequently these rates change during the year and new rate schedules will be made available to reflect these changes. The rates include salary, fringe benefits and nonproductive time (average vacation and sick leave).

    In addition to the chargeback rates of personnel, materials, supplies, etc., will be included in the chargeback billing. Only time "on the job" will be charged. Other employee time is considered overhead supported by appropriations.




    Charges will be made to self-supporting activities for custodial services requests.

    Charges will not be made to non-self-supporting activities for requested custodial services unless overtime is required and has advanced approval.




    No chargeback will be made for physical plant services for grounds, sidewalks, or service roads except for self-supporting departments that make special requests for services.




    UW-W does not have enough painters to provide adequate painting services (one craft painter and one facilities repair worker working predominantly in painting maintenance). For budget reasons, the painter is regularly assigned to meet requests to be paid by charges to using department.

    The Physical Plant Department will prepare a cyclical painting program. Each Division Head will review and prioritize special requests from his staff that are not to be charged back.




    Refer to Financial Policies and Procedures Paper#25, Appendix A.




    Department personnel who believe charges or services can be better obtained from a private contractor, may choose to use the purchase order procedure. If a department wishes to obtain services from a private contractor for building construction and/or repairs, union contracts, Department of State Facilities Management and State Purchasing requirements must be met. Required specifications and bidding procedures for larger projects will include state design and supervision charges.

    Delegated Design requests:

    $0 to $2,500 - Use of Simplified Bid Procedures and issuance of purchase orders by Purchasing Agent.

    $2,500 and over - Processed by Division of State Facilities Management according to their procedures. UW-W Purchasing Agent does not have authority to process.

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