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Academic Staff Reward and Recognition Committee


To structure and administer the Reward and Recognition program for non-instructional academic staff. To develop reward criteria, prepare training and promotion of the program for academic staff and supervisors, receive and review applications and proposals for reward/recognition. Rankings and recommendations are forwarded to the Academic Staff Assembly, which then forwards the final recommendation for reward and recognition to the Chancellor.


Six people with non-instructional academic staff status. Persons are appointed to serve on the committee by the Academic Staff Assembly from a list of volunteers. Members are eligible for reappointment to the committee. A person serving on the committee is ineligible to apply for a reward or recognition.


Two year term. Terms are staggered so that no more than three member's terms end in the same year. Term expires June 30.

MEMBERS 2007-2008

Academic Staff Reward & Recognition Committee (all non-instructional)

Term Expires

Kristine Yesbeck


Cigdem Unal


Forrest Bright


Tom Fick


Betsy Brandt


Mike Flanagan


Assembly Liaison, Mike Flanagan

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