UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Audit and Review Committee

  1. Be responsible for the audit and review of existing undergraduate academic departments and programs and of academic support programs and activities of the University, on a regular schedule, and of newly established undergraduate academic programs as required by the University of Wisconsin System.
  2. To form an audit and review team for the conduct of each audit and review, which shall include at least one member of the Audit and Review Committee and may include persons from outside the University.
  3. To make reports of audit and review, each of which shall include discussion of:
    1. the quality of existing activities, staff, facilities and equipment, and budget
    2. the demand and need for the program or programs reviewed
    3. anticipated future developments which may affect either of these subjects
    4. what changes in the program or programs are recommended.
  4. All reports and recommendations of this committee shall be made for informational purposes to the Faculty Senate, the University Curriculum Committee, the Academic Development Committee, the Faculty Budget Committee, and the Academic Affairs Staff.
The Committee reports to the Provost and Vice Chancellor.

One member from each undergraduate college. Two members at-large, each from a different college.
Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or designee (non-voting, chair).

Three year staggered terms.
David Nordstrom (At-large) 2014
Vacant (B&E) 2014
Jo Burkholder (L&S) 2013
Paul Ambrose (At-large) 2013
Corey Davis (A&C) 2013
Rowand Robinson (EDU) 2013

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