UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Assessment Committee

  1. To formulate and recommend an assessment program that serves the needs of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
  2. To respond to UW System Assessment policies.
  3. To assist departments and colleges to develop assessment measures to improve their programs.
  4. To assist academic units in meeting the criteria of accreditation agencies.
  5. To assist in the design of an assessment model that departments may use when gathering data to be included in the Audit and Review report.
  6. To work with the Associate Vice Chancellor in gathering assessment data and using it appropriately.

1 representative each from Communication, Languages and Literatures and Mathematics Departments, elected by the respective departments

1 representative from General Education Committee, to be elected by the Committee

2 students to be chosen by Whitewater Student Government

Director of Testing

1 faculty or instructional academic staff member elected from each college


Two year staggered terms for faculty or academic staff members and one year term for students.
Alena Holmes (A&C) 2013
Paul Ambrose (B&E) 2013
Vacant (EDU)  
Kimberly Knesting Lund (L&S) 2014

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