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The Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate is the body to which all faculty committees except the Organization Committee and the Elections Committee report. Its membership, functions, and organization are prescribed in Article VI of the Faculty Constitution. It meets at least once a month, September through May. Any faculty member may attend its meetings. No non-Senator has ever been refused a request to be allowed to address the Senate.

The Senate is not involved in the establishment of faculty committees, except to make suggestions to the Organization Committee. It does establish committees of its own, to which persons who are not Senators may be appointed or elected. The Chancellor often asks the Senate or its Executive Committee to suggest faculty members for appointment to administrative committees and some seats on student committees are filled by the Senate.


Senators shall be elected according to the following rules in elections conducted by the Elections Committee, which shall adjudicate difficulties.

Senators at-large shall be elected from each rank (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor/Instructor) by the faculty of that rank. Each rank shall elect one Senator for each 20 faculty of that rank or major fraction thereof, except that each rank shall elect at least one Senator. Senators at-large are elected in even years. Senators by constituencies are elected in odd years.

Name Term Rank Constituency Department
Ahmadi, Mohammad 2014 Prof+ L & S Math and Comp Sci
Albrechtsen, Steven 2014 Prof+ EDU HPERC
Ambrose, Paul 2013 Assoc B & E+ ITBE
Brady, Kathy* 2013 Asst A & C+ Communications
Bren, Barbara* 2013 Assoc A & C+ Univ Library
Ciganek, Andrew 2014 Asst+ B & E ITBE
Collet-Klingenberg, Lana 2013 Assoc EDU+ Special Education
Compass, Eric 2014 Asst+ L & S Geography &Geology
Dugan, Mike 2013 Asst A & C+ Music
Emrey, Jolly 2014 Assoc+ L & S Political Science
Ghavamshahidi, Zohreh 2014 Prof+ L & S Political Science
Glosser, Stuart 2013 Prof B & E+ Economics
Gulig, Anthony* 2013 Assoc L & S+ History
House, Paul 2014 Asst+ L & S Chemistry
Hanson, Frank 2013 Prof A & C+ Music
Hartwick, James* 2013 Assoc EDU+ C & I
Holmes, Linda* 2013 Assoc B & E+ Accounting
Kumpaty, Hephzibah 2013 Prof L & S+ Chemistry
Lueck, Beth 2013 Assoc L & S+ Langs & Lits
Mandell, Nikki* 2013 Assoc L & S+ History
Molloy, James 2013 Prof B & E+ Fin & Bus Law
Munro, David 2014 Assoc+ B & E ITBE
Nam, Ki-Bong 2014 Assoc+ L & S Math & Comp Sci
Nawash, Jalal 2014 Asst+ L & S Physics
Niemeier, Heather 2014 Asst+ L & S Psychology
Ossers, Manuel 2014 Prof+ L & S Langs & Lits
Porter, David 2014 Prof+ B & E Fin & Bus Law
Portman, Penny* 2014 Prof+ EDU HPERC
Robinson, Rowand 2013 Assoc EDU+ Special Education
Schneider, Melanie 2014 Asst+ EDU C&I
Skelly, William 2013 Assoc EDU+ HPERC
Smith, Lauren  2013 Assoc L & S+ Women's Studies
Stinson, Anne 2014 Assoc+ EDU C & I
Telfer, Richard ex-officio Chancellor
Tourigny, Louise* 2014 Assoc+ B & E Management
Winchell, Brooke 2013 Asst EDU+ Special Education
Zhao, Yushan 2013 Assoc B & E+ Marketing
Zimmerman, Jeffrey 2014 Assoc+ L & S Geography &Geology

Key: + = representation, * = Executive Committee member

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