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General Education Review Committee


This committee will draft a response for consideration by the Faculty Senate and the University Curriculum Committee to the questions raised in the UW-System document, "Initial and Continuing Five-Year Joint Review of the General Education Requirements," April 9, 1987.

Recommend to the Faculty Senate steps to be taken, according to normal curricular processes, to bring UW-Whitewater into conformance with UW-System policy as stated in the UW-System document, "Associate Degrees in the University of Wisconsin, Minimum General Education Breadth Requirements and Associate Degree Transfer Policy," April 17, l987.

Recommend to the Faculty Senate proposals for a standard procedure for subsequent regular reviews of General Education Requirements.

It is expected that this committee will have the clerical and information gathering capabilities of the University at its disposal, and that it will do this work in an atmosphere of consultation with the Faculty Senate and with campus curricular agencies.

Reports to the Faculty Senate shall be made to the April and November meetings of the Senate.


2 from College of Education

2 from College of Arts & Communication
2 from College of Business & Economics
4 from College of Letters & Sciences
1 from Other Constituency
2 students from Whitewater Student Government

The Faculty Senate elects from among nominees submitted by the Colleges. Terms will be two year terms, except for the first election.

For the first election one member each from Arts & Communication, Business & Economics, and Education, and two members from Letters and Sciences shall be elected for two year terms while the remaining members from these constituencies shall be elected for one year terms. The member from the other Constituency shall be initially elected to a one year term.

The Committee shall elect the first chair from among those members elected to two year terms.
Joshua Fishburn (A&C) 2013
Kathy Brady (A&C) 2012
Meifang Xiang (B&E) 2013
Mark Jonas (EDU) 2012
Mark Schroeder (EDU) 2012
Jolly Emrey (L&S) 2012
Elizabeth Olson (L&S) 2012
Jessica Menke (L&S) 2013
Tony Gulig (L&S) 2013
Barbara Bren (Library) 2012

Jeffrey Heinrich (B&E)


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