UW-Whitewater University Handbook

University Library Services Committee

  1. To serve as a channel of communication between the University community and Library Services.
  2. To express the concerns of faculty and students as users of Library Services' collections and services.
  3. To advise Library Services on its missions, organization, programs, budgets and policies.
  4. To evaluate Library Services.
  5. To advise the faculty, the Faculty Senate, and administration of the University on the budgetary, personnel, and space needs of Library Services and on the most effective ways of organizing and providing to the University services and resources of the types provided by Library Services.
  6. To advise the Director of Library Services on the policies which govern decisions on the purchase of instructional media equipment, materials and supplies and, at the request of the Director to give advice on particular purchase decisions.

1 Faculty Member from each college, elected by the college
1 Graduate Faculty Member, elected by the Graduate Faculty
1 Ex officio member from Library Services, Director or designee
2 Undergraduate students
1 Graduate student


Two-year staggered terms for Faculty. One-year term for students.
Tom Gustafson (EDU)
Allison Townsend (L&S)
Maxwell Hsu (Grad Faculty) 2014
Eric Appleton (A&C)
Paul Amborse (B&E) 2014

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