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Organization Committee

  1. To review the structure and functions of the Faculty Senate and faculty committees and to make recommendations on their structure and functions to the faculty.
  2. To present to the faculty in March any changes it proposes in constitution or the structure of committees which shall operate in the ensuing academic year, together with committee membership, terms of office and function, in accord with the following procedures:
    1. Distribution to each faculty member a list of proposed constitutional and committee changes, including suggestions from the faculty for needed changes;
    2. Consideration of all suggestions for changes or amendments received within one school week of the distribution of recommended changes; and
    3. Construction of the final referendum question(s) if necessary and after due consideration of all proposed changes or amendments distribution of those questions to the faculty with the balloting to take place after one week.

Faculty member from each constituency.


Two years. Business & Economics, Education, and Arts & Communication elected in even years. Letters & Sciences and Other in odd years.
Elizabeth Kim (L&S) 2013
Yezdi Godiwalla (B&E) 2014
Glenn Hayes (A&C) 2014
Katie Casey (EDU) 2014
Robin Fellows (At-large) 2014

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