UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Textbook Rental Committee

  1. To generate policies and procedures relating to the purchase of classroom textbooks.
  2. To recommend to the Faculty Senate improvements regarding the policies of the "Textbook Rental Guidelines."
  3. To deal with specific problems and difficulties brought forth by individual students, faculty and staff.
  4. To communicate and coordinate with the Textbook Rental Service.

One faculty member from and elected by each College. One student member chosen as the Whitewater Student Association shall determine.


Two-year staggered terms for elected faculty members and one year term for elected student member. Faculty from Arts and Communication and Business and Economics shall be elected in even years; and faculty from Education and Letters and Sciences shall be elected in odd years.

(Note: The Election Committee shall establish the initial election procedures regarding the initial terms of the elected faculty members of the committee.)
Pending (EDU) 2013
Alicia de Gregorio (L&S) 2013
Alena Holmes (A&C) 2014
Yuan Yuan (B&E) 2014

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