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University Standards Committee


  1. The University Promotions Standards Committee (USC) shall
    1. Write university promotion standards and procedures that guide constituency committees in writing their tenure and promotion standards and procedures.
    2. Review constituency level policies, standards and procedures.
    3. Negotiate differences with constituency committees.
    4. Submit unresolved differences with constituency committees to the Faculty Senate for resolution.
    5. Submit its decisions to the Faculty Senate for review.
    6. Distribute reports of Faculty Senate decisions concerning tenure and promotion policies, standards, and procedures to all affected parties.
  2. The USC shall consider recommendations for standards and procedures from departments, constituency committees, and the Provost.
  3. Differences between the USC and the Provost shall be submitted to the Faculty Senate for resolution.
  4. The USC shall resolve disputes concerning assignment of educational code.
  5. The USC shall distribute copies of its minutes, decisions, and reports to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Faculty Personnel Rules Committee, the Provost, Chancellor, and the University Archives.
  6. Decisions of the USC shall be based upon majority vote.

Two tenured faculty members are elected from and by each constituency.


Members shall serve four year terms. Terms shall be staggered at two year intervals within the membership of each constituency. Mid-term vacancies shall be filled by special constituency election.
George Ferencz (A&C) 2015
Lajuan Davis (B&E) 2015
Vacant  (EDU)  
Margarita Alario (L&S) 2015
Karen Weston (At-large, 50% non-teaching load) 2013
Sally Vogel-Bauer (A&C) 2013
Will Draco (B&E) 2013
Wallace Sherlock (EDU) 2013

Zoreh Ghavamshahidi (L&S)


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