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Cultural Affairs Committee


The Cultural Affairs Committee plans and presents a wide variety of professional performing arts programs to both students and community members. Two series are presented each academic year, the Lively Arts Series and the Performing Arts Series. Special Events are also featured.


The membership may include up to:
2 Students from Dance
4 Students from Music
4 Students from Theatre
2 Students from Whitewater Student Government
Student Representatives
Faculty Advisors - 1 each from Music and Theatre/Dance
Community Members
Senior Advisors
Director, Cultural Affairs/Young Auditorium

Students may apply for membership on this committee. Appointment to the committee is for a minimum of two years. Once appointed, active members may continue until graduation, serving as senior advisors their last year on campus.
NOTE: 2001-2002 Membership will be updated in the Fall 2001.
MEMBERS 1999-2000
David Nees (Director) STUDENTS
Marshall Anderson (Faculty) Mara Adams
Cassie Welliver (Faculty) Darren Anderson
Leslie LaMuro (Faculty) Timothea Anfang
Marge Triebold, Community Jessie Atkinson
Ellen Long, Community JoAnn Burkholder
Margaret Mueller, Community Joanna Capperino
Marion Burrows, Community Nicole Colby
Ken Pattow, Community Joe Corrao
Brent DeHut
Julie Doneis
Debbi Dusseault
Robert Fandrey
Katherine Fincutter
Tiffany Gaskill
Karyn Haut
Jillian Johnson
Alyssa Klopatek
Jennifer Kramer
Kim Manthei
Linda O'Neil
Julimar Rivera
Kelly Rosinsky
Robyn Rosinsky
Gina Rossi
Jeff Sholz
Amber Schwoerer
Shawna Terry
Courtney Wagner
Jennifer Wolf
Christopher Luedke, WSG Rep.

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