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Graduate Audit and Review Committee


The duties of this committee include reviewing and coordinating new graduate degree program proposals, assessing immediate and changing needs, auditing programs and recommending the phasing out of programs. It may also make recommendations on the development of new graduate degree programs.


This committee shall be composed of one graduate student irrespective of college and two faculty representatives from each college. Representatives shall be chosen by rules established by the colleges. The term of office for student representatives shall be one year. Faculty representatives shall serve three year terms with one-third of the membership selected each year. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education shall call and preside over an organizational meeting early in each fall semester for the purpose of electing a committee chairperson.

The structure and function of this committee is currently under revision based on changes in UW-System Policy. If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


3-Year Staggered Term


College of Arts and Communication

 Frederick, Ed

College of Arts and Communication

 Warchunga, David

College of Business and Economics

 Chennamaneni, Pavan

College of Business and Economics

 Yin, Roger

College of Education

 O’Beirne, Brenda

College of Education

 Dickmann, Ellie

College of Letters and Sciences

 Neddenriep, Christine

College of Letters and Sciences

 Nath, Leda

Student Representative

 Palmer, Amanda


 Stone, John


 Cook, Joan

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