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Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Committee


The function of this UWW administrative committee is to advise the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator regarding: identifying campus needs for sexual assault prevention efforts; setting biennial goals; designing a campus plan to meet the goals; suggesting departmental responsibilities for implementation; and reviewing progress, as requested by the Coordinator. An annual summary of programming and progress on goals will be submitted to the Dean of Students. This committee holds open meetings and all students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend.


The membership consists of representatives from:



Academic Staff Assembly


Academic Support Services

Lloyd, Heidi

Association for Prevention of Family Violence

Zanin, Brian

Campus Ministry

Craney, Kathy

Career and Leadership Development

Edmonds, Amy

Intercollegiate Athletics

Outlay, Christina

Faculty Senate


Office of Leadership Development

Mann, Alma

People Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse

Ashford, Vincent

Residence Hall Association

Spitzenberger, Sarah

Residence Hall Association

Daniel, Trelana

Residence Life

Frederick, Lance

Risk Management

Zambrowicz, Holli

Student at Large

Jones, Allen

Student at Large

Bell, Amberly

Student Life and First Year Experience

Henley, Whitney (Chair)

University Health and Counseling Services

Mueller, Sharon

University Health and Counseling Services

Schouten, Faye

University Police


Whitewater Student Government

Burkholder, Jo Ellen

Women’s Studies

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