UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Camps and Conferences Coordinating Committee


This committee is charged with ensuring that each conference/camp is provided ample support of service prior to and during its stay on campus. The committee meets to discuss the upcoming conferences/camps and to evaluate those that have been completed. Each member of the committee receives a copy of the planning document for each conference/camp and gives input on their division's handling of arrangements for each event.


Membership consists of representatives from:


Ryan Callahan, Interim Director of CES)


Campus Police

 Sacco, Mike


 Hinspater, Tom

Continuing Education Services

 Field, Eric

Continuing Education Services

 Sherman, Larry

Facilities Planning & Management

 Holly, Dave

Facilities Planning & Management

 Schultz, Keith

Parking Services

 Brecklin, Bob

Residence Life

 Hoesly, Alan

University Center

 Craggs, Jay

University Center

 Kraus, Ann

Williams Center Facilities

 Harms, Gary

Warhawk Alley

 Payton, Andrea

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