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Essential Learning and Assessment Review Committee (ELARC)


The committee was established in 2011 as an administrative committee to discuss assessment data and other indicators related to student achievement of the UW-Whitewater baccalaureate learning outcomes (essential learning outcomes) and make recommendations to improve teaching, learning, and assessment. Once each year, academic colleges, student affairs, and other campus units send to ELARC their executive summaries of assessment data and other indicators of learning related to student achievement of the baccalaureate learning outcomes. Members of ELARC distill findings into an annual report of highlights and recommended actions. The annual report is shared with campus administrators and governance groups for feedback, is revised as needed, and then is shared across campus to complete the annual cycle. Via the annual reports received from other units, ELARC archives notes about campus progress in meeting the recommended actions.

You can learn more about ELARC by exploring the committee's website at http://www.uww.edu/acadaff/assessment/academic/ELARC.html.

MEMBERSHIP (all are voting members)


A member of the committee elected annually by a vote of committee members. The Chair may vote on any committee actions.

Contact for updates and revisions: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


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