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Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee


The SPBC Committee was initiated in October 1991 by the Chancellor. The committee is responsible for the strategic planning and budgeting process for the campus and is advisory to the Chancellor. Membership represents all major constituencies within the UW-Whitewater community.

For further information on this committee, please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor.




Richard Telfer


Beverly Kopper

Administrative Affairs

Jeff Arnold

Budget & Finance

Aimee McCann

Student Affairs

Thomas Rios

University Advancement

Jon Enslin

College of Arts & Communication

Mark McPhail

College of Business & Economics

Christine Clements

College of Education & Professional Studies

Katy Heyning

College of Letters & Sciences

Mary Pinkerton

Academic Staff Assembly (Non-Instruct)

Denise Ehlen

Academic Staff Assembly (Instruct)

Richard McGregory

Multicultural Affairs & Student Success

Richard McGregory


Carie Kendrick

Faculty Senate Chair

Tony Gulig

Faculty Senate CoAC

Frank Hanson

Faculty Senate CoBE

James Bronson

Faculty Senate CoEPS

Lana Collet-Klingenberg

Faculty Senate CoLS

Paul House

Grad Studies

John Stone

Instructional, Communication & Information Technology

Elena Pokot

University Library

Myrna McCallister

Intercollegiate Athletics

Paul Plinske

Multicultural Student Org-President

Erika Campos

Non-Rep Council

Faye Schouten

Affirmative Action

Elizabeth Ogunsola

Whitewater City Manager

Cameron Clapper


John Jensen

WSG-Vice President

Danielle Jordan

Resources Members (Non-Voting)


Office of the Chancellor

Rebecca Reichert

Institutional Research

Chunju Chen

Academic Affairs

Greg Cook

Student Life

Brent Bilodeau

Enrollment & Retention

Matt Aschenbrener

Marketing & Media Relations

Sara Kuhl

Administrative Fellow

Pilar Melero, John McGuigan III

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