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Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee


The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee is a standing administrative committee. It is charged with reviewing UW-Whitewater’s plans for the allocation of the Student Technology Fee in accordance with University of Wisconsin System Financial and Administrative Policy Paper (F49): Student Technology Fee Expenditures.  The committee is advisory to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.  Plans developed for the allocation of the Student Technology Fee must be consistent with the UW-Whitewater IT Strategic Plan and the overall campus strategic plan.

The objectives of the committee are:
1. Establish Student Technology Fee fund allocation policy and criteria.
2. Review fund allocation proposals from campus instructional/administrative units or other organizations.
3. Propose fund allocation initiatives.
4. Make fund allocation recommendations to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.


The membership consists of the following:

1. Four representatives appointed by WSG to represent the four colleges
2. One representative from Student Affairs
3. One representative from Academic Affairs
4. One representative from Administrative Affairs
5.A faculty representative to serve as facilitator

TERM: One Year


Arts & Communication Student

Justin Bartmann

Business & Economics Student

Curtis Schwab

Education & Professional Studies Student

Domenique Malone

Letters & Sciences Student

Lisa Griffin

Student Affairs

Thomas Rios

Academic Affairs

Matt Aschenbrener

Academic Affairs

Denise Ehlen

Academic Affairs

Elena Pokot

Academic Affairs

David Travis

Administrative Affairs

Jeff Arnold

Administrative Affairs

Lance Fredrick

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