UW-Whitewater University Handbook

Women's Issues Committee


  1. Promote interest in women and women's issues on campus.
  2. Provide educational programming to celebrate women and their accomplishments (e.g. Sponsor Women's History Week), to combat sexism, and to encourage content on women to be included throughout the curriculum.
  3. Advocate for and support the development of an Office of Women on campus.
  4. Conduct research to investigate the status of women on campus, their concerns, and their needs.


Criteria for membership is interest in women's issues and willingness to participate actively. Membership is voluntary and final number of potential members flexible. Volunteer members should represent the following areas:


Janay Alston
Joe Ellen Burkholder
Candace Chenoweth
Amy Edmonds
Liz Falk
Whitney Henley
Cynthia Konrad
Nikki Mandell
Elizabeth Ogunsola
Jo Ann Oravec
Samantha Samreth
Ellie Schemenauer
Lauren Smith
Jennifer Thibodeaux
Ronna Timmerman
Mai Yer Yang
Akiko Yoshida

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