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Last policy revision: 2005


Effective Fall 2005, undergraduate students who have exceeded the number of allowable course repeats as defined by the revised Repeat Policy approved by the Faculty Senate on 9/14/04, will receive a one-time only e-mail notification from the Registrar's Office.  Starting February 28, repeat notations will begin to appear on the transcripts of students who have met or exceeded the number of allowable repeats.  The full repeat policy will appear in the Fall Schedule of Classes and under the “Policies” link on the Registrar’s Office web page (http://www.uww.edu/registrar/policies.php ).

The part of the revised policy that limits the number of allowable repeats is as stated below:

Students may repeat a limited number of courses in which they earned a grade of D, F, or NC in order to have those grades replaced. Students may not repeat for credit or grade replacement any course in which they earned a grade of C, S, or higher. During their undergraduate career at UW-Whitewater, students are limited to repeating no more than 5 separate courses, including repeats of transfer courses, for grade replacement (developmental English and math courses are not included in this total). Once the repeat limit has been met, additional attempted repeats will not count toward earned credit or factor into grade point average calculation (NC-No Credit Earned), unless the student has successfully appealed to repeat more than 5 courses.  To request permission to repeat any more than 5 courses for grade replacement, the student must appeal to the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee for approval.  The repeat regulation applies to any courses for which a student receives a grade beginning with the Fall Term 2000 and any term thereafter including Summer and Winterim.  

For further information, students should consult their advisor.

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