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Professional Development

SOURCE:Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
(Contact Research and Sponsored Programs for more information on any of these programs and/or to request copies of guidelines and applications.)

State of Wisconsin Joint Solicitation of Groundwater and Related Research/Monitoring Proposals
UW System and the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources; Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; and Commerce participate in a joint solicitation of research/monitoring proposals dealing with groundwater and pesticides.

Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Grant
Funds projects that encourage collaboration among faculty members, teaching academic staff, departments, colleges and/or institutions to develop programs aimed at improving undergraduate teaching and learning. Proposals must include a UW-W match on at least a 1-to-2 dollar basis.

UW System Applied Research Grant
Encourages faculty to utilize their expertise and to apply their scholarship to support the economic development of Wisconsin. The program supports applied research activities that are likely to improve connections between knowledge and practice, and that promote positive change in the economy of the state of Wisconsin. Proposals are invited from all disciplines.

UW System Collaborative Matching Grants Program: Strengthening the International Dimensions of the Campus and Curriculum
Supports proposals to establish or improve programs, services, activities, and other efforts which foster international education. Funding ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 and requires a hard dollar matching commitment equal to or greater than the amount requested from UW System.

UW System Institute for Race and Ethnicity
Provides funding to support small projects at UW System campuses that relate to the further development of study on racial and ethnic topics in four categories of proposals.
Category A grants are for the support of scholarly research on racial and ethnic topics.
Category B grants are for the development and teaching of new courses pertaining to racial and ethnic topics.
Category C grants are to support miscellaneous projects and activities such as workshops/seminars, guest speakers, cultural exhibits, professional development, etc.
Minority Faculty Research Awards aid tenure track, minority faculty members in their research in order to enhance their opportunities for achieving tenure.

UW System Solid Waste Recovery Research Program
Focuses on research that advances the supply of recyclable materials in Wisconsin by improving procedures used to collect, sort, store, process, and transport recoverable and recyclable materials.

UW System Unified Grants Program
Supports programs in three categories:
UW System Business Education Strategic Planning Fund provides funding to support either undergraduate or graduate business programs or both. Proposals must a) support an existing master's level business program; b) raise private matching funds; c) provide an institutional match/reallocation equal to funds requested and d) address the goals and objectives of the Business Education Strategic Plan.
The Undergraduate Initiative funds must be used for projects that improve undergraduate teaching and/or learning. Supports the implementation of projects for which substantial planning has already taken place.
The Engineering and Technology Fund is aimed at enhancing hands-on learning. Proposals must address specific directives related to regional needs, accreditation, enrollment demands and recruitment of women and minorities.

UW-Whitewater Academic Staff Development Grants
Supports individual professional development/training that contributes to the needs of UW-W for improved service and flexibility. Applicants must have at least a .50 FTE appointment.

UW-Whitewater Faculty Research Grants
Provides funding to faculty for small scale research projects which are likely to lead to refereed publications, exhibits or professional presentations. Funding is intended to provide seed funds for researchers to establish academic credentials.

UW-Whitewater Faculty Sabbatical Program
A professional leave program which enables faculty to be engaged in intensive study in order to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the University. The program permits faculty to take either a one semester or full academic year leave. In order to be eligible for the program, applicants must: 1) have completed six years or more of full time instructional service, or its equivalent, in the UW System; and not have taken a sabbatical leave during that time period; and 2) return to UW-W for at least one academic year following the sabbatical.

UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Grants
Provides small grants to encourage UW-W faculty or academic staff and undergraduate students to work on short-term research projects that are likely to result in a paper, report, or other academic product. Awardees are expected to present results at the UW-W Undergraduate Student Research Forum and to submit an abstract to the National Council on Undergraduate Research conference.

Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program
Solicits research and outreach proposals dedicated to the sustainable use and protection of Great Lakes and ocean resources.

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows
Provides Fellows with the opportunities to develop their thinking about college teaching, to learn about innovative pedagogical practice, and ultimately to become resources to their colleagues throughout the System. Fellows attend the UW System Faculty College and the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Institute and work on a project related to a teaching issue. Eligible faculty must be in the first ten years of college teaching. Other restrictions apply.

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