Web Accessibility Policy

I. Purpose

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (hereinafter referred to as UW-W) is committed to providing web-based information and services in an accessible manner to all users, including persons with disabilities. This web accessibility policy so serves our community and complies with current legislation and recommended standard practices (see our Web Accessibility Standards.)

II. Scope

This policy applies to all Web pages created or revised after September 2, 2009 containing official University information or services intended for the public. This policy does not apply to unofficial Web pages as defined by the network use policy.

III. Policy

All pages of official UW-W Web sites should conform to UW-W's Web Accessibility Standards. These Standards shall be integrated into all UW-W web page design and training workshops. Each department/unit responsible for web pages is responsible for ensuring that its web pages are in compliance with this policy. The University shall support, train and enforce this policy in accordance with the Implementation Timeline.

A. Exceptions

Upon specific request, web page content that is inaccessible will be made available to any individual who requires access to that information by revising the web page so that the content is accessible, or through an alternative method.

If a user feels that the information remains inaccessible, the individual may file a "Request for Access to Web Resources" with UW-W's Web Accessibility Committee. Where compliance is not technically possible or may require extraordinary measures due to the nature of the information and the intent of the web page, exceptions to this policy may be granted by UW-W's Web Accessibility Committee. Web resources provided by outside vendors will be held to the same standards and exceptions.

B. Archival web based material and information

Web based content generated before implementation of this policy will not be held to the same standards as newly generated content. Archival and older content will be made accessible or provided in an alternate format upon specific request.

IV. Complaints

Complaints regarding accessibility of University Web pages should be directed to the Accessibility Committee. This Committee is responsible for investigating complaints of non-compliance.

V. Violations

University Web pages in violation of this policy will be referred by the Accessibility Committee to the Web Advisory Group (WAG) for remediation. Remediation efforts may include removal of the site from the Internet until the Web page is in compliance with this policy.