Supported Browsers on UW-W Web sites

iCIT is currently supporting the following web browsers. It is recommended that campus users update their browsers accordingly.

The iCIT Web Team would like to remind users that you should regularly check for updates to your browser as security issues can arise from having an old version of your browser.

Tier 1

Internet Explorer 8

Firefox 5

Safari 5.1.2

Google Chrome

Tier 1 Browsers are fully supported on official UW-W Web sites 2.

Tier 2

+3 Internet Explorer 9

- Internet Explorer 7

+3 Firefox 10

- Firefox 4

+3 Safari 6

- Safari 4

+ Mobile Safari for iOS devices

Opera (all versions)

Tier 2 Browsers have limited support, users should think about upgrading to a Tier 1 Browser in the near future.

These browsers should display UW-W sites effectively but there may be issues with some services and sites.

All new browser(s) and versions of existing browsers will initially be put in tier two until iCIT determines their placement.

Tier 3

Internet Explorer version 6 and below

Netscape (all versions)

Safari version 3 and below

Firefox version 3.6 and below

These browsers are not supported, any users using these browsers should upgrade as soon as possible to a Tier 1 Browser.


A " + " in-front of a browser indicates it will be moving up a Tier in the near future.

A " - " in-front of a browser indicates that browser will be moving down a Tier in the near future.

1 We are currently testing this browser and will determine it's placement in the near future.

2 Web sites does not include services such as but not limited too: Email, WINS and D2L. Each service will indicate and set it's own supported list of browsers.

3 While the UW-Whitwater Web sites are fully compatible with this browser. It is recommended that users of other campus systems (such as d2l and WINS) should remain at the previous browser version at this time.