Search Overview

The University offers all administrative and instructional units the ability to make their pages searchable through the university's Google® search and enable units to add a search box directly into their new or existing Web sites.

If you would like to add a search box to your site follow these quick steps:

  1. Before continuing, this example assumes that you have a good understanding of your Web site's structure and code. Ok on to the details.
  2. First decide where on your page you want the search box to display.
  3. Second, paste the following code into your html document:

  4. Ok that's it your done. You can modify the form a little bit if you want but for the most part the value must stay as is. If you would like a more custom search box or a search of just your unit. Please contact us and we will get the process started.

Official university units can request to have their own search collection, which will allow users of your site to view search result just for your Web site. If you are part of a college or bigger organizational unit chances are that your unit already has such a collection that you can use. For more information or to see if you already have a collection or to create a new one please contact us.

Can't seem to find an important page on your site; we advise you to view our Search FAQ on ways to make your pages more accessible to the search engine. As many of the common reasons for pages not being found or being buried many pages deep in the search results are due to poor Search Engine Optimization. If you would like help optimizing your pages please contact us and we will be happy to find the right solution for you.