Page Guidelines and Templates

There are two different styles of templates, A & B, both of which offer different variations. While the variety of templates offered may reflect elements of the UW-Whitewater homepage, there are no templates that duplicate UW-Whitewater's homepage. Colleges, departments, or administrative offices should use the templates provided and not attempt to duplicate the homepage, which is intended as a unique gateway into the entire UW-Whitewater web presence. Please contact the Web Team if you have any further questions or concerns.

The templates provided should only be used for official UW-Whitewater web pages and are not intended for use by any outside group or institution. Official web pages are defined as any web page on a UW-Whitewater web server that have been created by the university, its colleges, departments, or other administrative offices.

Please note that these templates are all CSS-based designs.

Template A Examples:

Template B (Examples will be provided soon)