Header and Footer

UW-Whitewater requires that all websites include a uniform top-level navigation bar and footer to aid users in navigating from one site to another within the uww.edu domain.

Header navigation includes:

  1. Main UW-Whitewater landing pages: admissions, academics, campus life, events, athletics, campus info.
  2. Shortcuts to top hit items.
  3. Search - can be customized to include main UW-Whitewater search as well as specific Google collections for colleges, departments, and units on campus.

Footer includes:

  1. The first three columns can be customized to meet the college, department, and administrative office needs. The fourth column is static across all UW-Whitewater sites with university information. Basic structure of information:
    • Column 1: Customized logo of college, department, unit (only if approved by Marketing and Media Relations); Location - address, building name and office number.
    • Column 2: Contact Information - phone, fax, e-mail.
    • Column 3: Social Media icons or information; Office hours.
    • Column 4: This is static copyright and link information for UW-Whitewater. This column cannot be manipulated or changed.