Typography (Fonts) and Colors


Standard Web Font

To maintain consistency in style with the rest of the university's websites, all pages on any www.uww.edu domain should utilize the official university fonts: Arial and PT Sans. The fonts used on the website must be consistent with the rest of the university's sites to provide seamless consistency and to make the website professional. Fonts are as much a part of digitally representing the university as the logo.

Arial is the official sans serif font to be used for body copy.

PT Sans is the official sans serif font and should be reserved for headlines and subheads.

Font Sizes

There are six headers available to Web Content Managers, adhering to the Web Standard. The largest is H1 and the smallest is H6. Paragraph text is size 12px. These sizes cannot be changed due to ADA compliance. Examples of both are below:

Header 1: 40px (auto-generated - based off Title)

Header 2: 24px (PT Sans, bold, lower-case, purple)

Header 3: 20px (PT Sans, bold, lower-case, orange)

Header 4: 20px (PT Sans, bold, lower-case, purple)

HEADER 5: 17px (PT Sans, bold, all caps, black)

HEADER 6: 14px (PT Sans, bold, all caps, black)

Paragraph: This is an example of what paragraph text will look like on the website, sized at 12px - Arial.


Paragraph text is BLACK. Attention text is RED. Links are BLUE (#44687d). Header text is described above.

Color Palette

All sites must use UW-Whitewater's official colors, purple, black, and white, in some capacity:


  • RGB color: R=80, G=29, B=130
  • Hexadecimal: #502d7f

Sites may employ the use of complimentary or accent colors. UW-Whitewater recommends the following complimentary color palette combinations.

Recommended Palette:

Recommended Palette

Other Palette Options:

Blue Palette

Blue Palette

Gray Palette

Gray Palette

Orange Palette

Orange Palette

Green Palette

Green Palette