Collage CoE Events Tutorial
This tutorial was created during an upgrade of the Collage software. The color scheme is
different, but none of the functionality has changed.
Navigating through Collage
Depending on your user access, you might not have access to everything you see in this
tutorial. Rest assured you will have access to everywhere you are directed to go to.
Navigation Bar
The main navigation bar in collage will have
, etc. Click on
the tab labeled
to start moving through collage.
Navigation Submenus
Once you are in the
(Content in the Navigation menu will be
highlighted), you want to click on the
down arrow next to
Deploy Folders
activate the drop-down menu.
From this drop-down menu, select the option
. This will take you to
the Contribution section of collage.
Finding the Calendar folder
There are two ways you can access the Calendar folder: through the column on
the left and through the list of folders in the middle of the screen. Both ways are
perfectly acceptable.
For the column on the left, you
want to click the “+” sign next to
at the top of the column
to expand the list of folders.
Click on the “+” sign next to
and select the
Using the list of folders in the middle of the screen, just click on the folder
then click the folder
and you will be in the calendar folder.
Adding an Event to the calendar
Once in the Sport folder, you want to add your event to the schedule. First thing is to
click on
New Document
in the Content menu.
A new window will pop up with a few choices in
Select document type
. When you
make an event, you need to select
You will want to name your event based on your naming standards. That way you can
keep track of all the events.
Putting the information in
This window is where you put in the relevant information your event needs. You should
your event, put in the
the event happens as well as where the event is
I advise inputting the date as follows:
month day, year
. Just so the calendar is easily
When you have all that information in, there is one last step we need to do before
checking in the file. Make sure you save your event before moving on. Click the Save
icon in the upper-left hand side of the window to save all of your information.
At this time, earlier events will appear near the top of the calendar listing followed by
older events nearer the bottom.
Metadata (the 2
to last step)
Click the
button in the upper-left hand side of
the window to fill out the form used to categorize all the
There are two main areas you need
to concentrate on when filling out
the metadata:
Start date
Expiration date
Start date
determines where the
event is placed in the calendar.
Having the dates in the right order will display the events in the right order in the
schedule. If the
Start date
is not the same as the time the event time, it will not display
Make sure this Start date matches the event start date!
When you click on the drop down menu, first select the month and
the year the event is taking place. Once the calendar has refreshed,
you can then select the date. Finally have the time match the time
listed on the schedule for everything to align properly. When
everything is set, click the check mark in the upper-right hand side
to exit the menu.
Expiration date
determines when the event will be taken off the calendar. Click the
drop down menu for the calendar again, select the date and time when the event should
be removed from the calendar and click the check mark. This will ensure that the event
will be removed from the listing when needed.
Once both fields are filled you may select “OK” to close the Metadata window and go
back to the contribution window. I would recommend saving your event one last time
and click the “Exit” button to leave.
Check in your document
Once you click “Exit” on the
contribution window, you will be
back to the main window mode of
Collage. In the sports folder, you should see your event appear in the list (If not, click on
the Column
until you do). Your event should have an icon and the number 1
under the
column. To make collage accept your event, click the icon, and then
click “OK” in the window that pops up.
Congratulations, your event has been successfully created in collage!
Updating Information
If, for some reason, you need to update or change the information of an event, click the
Asset Name
to bring up the contribution window. This time, all the information
will be in the fields and you can edit the fields how you see fit.
You can also edit the
as well by click the metadata button and modifying the
Be sure to
the document before you leave.